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  • 01-01

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2022. On behalf of the Group, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the support we have received from so many of you.

With the aim of realizing both a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the Group itself, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is taking a more strategic approach to social issues while continuously promoting innovation and proactively pursuing solutions. Solving social issues through products and technological innovation is in the Group’s DNA. Typical products that embody this DNA include automotive interlayer films that contribute to automobile safety while curtailing CO2 emissions through reduced weight and improved air conditioner efficiency; Sekisui Heim homes that help cutback CO2 emissions through energy creation, conservation, and storage while also offering high earthquake resistance; piping and infrastructure materials that deliver essential resources including water and gas even in the event of serious disaster; and diagnostic reagents that contribute to human health and longevity. Drawing on this DNA, we have continued to expand on our history of business growth by developing products and services that help solve social issues.
In 2020, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group rolled out its Long-term Vision, looking ahead to 2030, in a bid to further clarify its DNA. At the same time, we decided to associate this Long-term Vision with the Vision Statement: Innovation for the Earth: In order to realize a sustainable society, we support the basis of LIFE and will continue to create peace of mind for the future. This Statement is the unifying theme behind our strong, Group-wide commitment to help realize a sustainable society through innovation.

Building on this commitment, we have also taken steps to change the name of our CSR Report to further emphasize the Group’s focus on Sustainability. This initiative reflects our desire to communicate our strategy, approach, and current endeavors regarding ESG Management to stakeholders from a more medium- to long-term perspective, and to showcase our efforts to realize both the two sustainability goals of improving social sustainability while at the same time achieving profitable growth.

Recently, many companies have been made painfully aware of the devastation caused by infectious diseases and geopolitical conflict. It has become increasingly evident that the survival and development of a company is inextricably linked to a stable society from both the historical and common-sense perspectives. With this in mind, I am convinced that social issues will play an increasingly important role in the future of companies going forward.
Against the backdrop of this operating environment, both offensive and defensive ESG management are critical to realizing sustainable growth of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group itself. In addition to human resources who are prominent in their ability to create innovation, offensive ESG management includes the technological skills to solve such social issues as climate change, digital transformation, and a corporate culture that embraces challenge. Defensive ESG management, on the other hand, focuses on a variety of facets including the reduction of serious incidents, strengthening the supply chain, and formulating BCPs. Key to accelerating both aspects of ESG management is our partnership with stakeholders. I strongly believe that engagement is the first step in reinforcing this partnership. We hope this report will provide a better understand of our approach and initiatives as well as the impetus for further comments and feedback.
Looking ahead, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will support the basis of LIFE and continue to create peace of mind for the future in order to realize both a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the Group itself. As we work toward achieving our goals, we ask for your continued support and understanding.