Reducing Serious Incidents

There are three driving forces to promote ESG management: contribution to solving social issues, profitable growth, and management ability to sustain business. Of these, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is striving to improve management ability to sustain business by thoroughly improving safety, compliance, and CS & Quality. These efforts are aimed at reducing risk and avoiding serious incidents (in terms of safety, quality, accounting, legal and ethical issues, and information management).

Positioning of This Materiality

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group positions Governance (Internal Control) as the foundation of its ability to remain a company that is trusted by its stakeholders. To ensure that we can continue to help solve social issues, we recognize the critical need to prevent incidents that undermine public trust and significantly damage our corporate value. With this in mind, we will work tirelessly to strengthen internal control on a Group-wide and global basis. Under the current Medium-term Management Plan, we have identified areas and items that could have a significant impact on the Group as a whole, and are working to improve our ability to prevent problems before they occur and to detect and respond to issues at the earliest possible stage.