Human Resources Management

The Right Person in the Right Place

Employees are precious assets bestowed on us by society is the basic concept of human resources that SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has cherished for a long period.
While continuing to base our thinking on this concept, we launched a new initiative in fiscal 2020 to further harness the power of our employees, who are precious assets, to help solve social issues and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

1. Clarification of missions and roles and a shift to a role-based system for human resources

Through backcasting, we are clarifying the various missions and roles that are necessary to achieve our ideal form. We are also supporting employees to challenge and improve themselves regardless of age or year of employment while shifting to the SEKSIUI CHEMICAL system for human resources that ensures that the right person is in the right place in fiscal 2022.

  • 12-05

SEKISUI CHEMICAL (Non-consolidated) Human Resources System Revision Roadmap

2. Retirement extension

In line with the objectives for the human resources system revision, the retirement age is being extended from 60 to 65 in order to increase opportunities for employees regardless of age from October 2021.

3. Strengthening the development of next-generation leaders

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is putting in place a program to help employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and knowhow necessary to become business leaders from an early stage in a bid to sustainably develop human resources who can take on the challenge of various missions and roles. The program is therefore designed to help employees improve their ability to contribute to solving social issues and achieve career autonomy.

Training Human Resources

Major Initiatives

Developing Business Leaders

1) Developing business leaders from an early stage

We have developed a consistent training system covering all stages from new hires to management positions, in order to systematically train business leaders to power SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group into the future.
Based on the concept that the foundations of growth are the experience gained through everyday business activities and learning from such experiences, we have developed a training system that links these two elements together. Through this system we will enhance each individual’s mastery of the skills required of business leaders, by running through the cycle of growth through experience, from when a new hire joins the Company through to management.

2) Innovation School (fostering of business leaders by newly appointed operating officers)

The Innovation School has been held since fiscal 2003 with the aim of having executive officers themselves directly train SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s next-generation business leader candidates. Up to fiscal 2021, a total of 1,296 next-generation business leader candidates had taken part.
In fiscal 2021, the School was revised from a face-to-face to an online format.
Number of Participants: 102

Training Human Resources to Support the Workplace

The human resources who will support the foundations of management in practical terms in the workplace must undergo self-growth as highly capable practitioners accumulating experience over the long term and acquiring highly specialized knowledge and skills. Based on this concept, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group hires human resources who will support the workplace as permanent, full-time employees, creates an environment in which they can demonstrate their abilities with peace of mind over the long term, and deploys the Meister System to strengthen their abilities in the workplace.
In the future as well, we will promote measures to strengthen training abilities in the workplace on a Group-wide basis.

Training Systems to Support Our Businesses

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is operating a training system with various programs tailor-made to match various career plans with stages differentiated by level and skill. As our business categories are extensive and we employ a divisional company system whereby each business division is given substantial authority to make its own decisions, the Group operates its human resources development system at the level of each divisional company and subsidiary of the Group, based on the philosophy and programs for human resources development.
At the same time, some programs such as initial training of new employees, level-specific training by qualification grade, or business leaders’ training are developed to promote improvements in human resources capabilities across the Group as a whole.

Performance Data

Number of Participants of Major Recruitment-type Training Programs

Name of Training Program Numbers of Attendees in FY2017 Numbers of Attendees in FY2018 Numbers of Attendees in FY2019 Numbers of Attendees in FY2020 Numbers of Attendees in FY2021
Innovation School 58 86 69 Not implemented 102