Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel

Diversity Initiatives

Basic Concept

Not only perceiving diversity by differences that can be seen from the outside such as gender, age, and race, we also focus on differences that include careers, values, and personalities, based om SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s Diversity Management Policy. Likewise, we understand, recognize, and utilize the differences between each and every employee as strengths.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s Diversity Management Policy

Diversity is essential to maintain our strong corporate presence for 100 years and beyond. We understand and recognize that every employee’s aspirations toward work and life, and their personal strengths are different and thus we use this to our advantage. To create that organizational culture, we will continue to provide employment, opportunities for success, and create various environments that support growth through dialogue with employees.

Organization-wide Initiative

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is promoting a wide range of initiatives aimed at fostering a culture of challenge and active participation while making the most of each and every employee’s aspirations and strengths as it works toward becoming a vibrant company, the goal of its Long-term Vision, Vision 2030.
IIn fiscal 2021, we expanded initiatives to employees through Long-term Vision development workshops and rank-based training.
Also, we carried out cross-organizational and expansion activities to Group companies through the Engagement Drive Project.

Enhancing Adequate Benefits and the Welfare Benefits System for Non-full-time Employees

At SEKISUI CHEMICAL (non-consolidated), base salaries are the same for both male and female employees, and proper benefits are provided regardless of gender.
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group also has systems in place that provide welfare benefits to non-full-time employees, such as contract employees, including healthcare (i.e., health checkups), compensation for disabilities and illnesses that arise at work, and childcare leave. Only indefinite-term employees are eligible to join the Group’s insurance, retirement plan, and shareholding programs.