Supervisory Promotion System of ESG Management

Oversight and Promotion System Made Up of the Board of Directors, Sustainability Committee, and Seven Subcommittees

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group promotes ESG management on an integrated Group-wide basis through an oversight and promotion system made up of the Board of Directors, which fulfills a supervisory function, the Sustainability Committee, which fulfills a business execution function, and seven subordinate subcommittees.

Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors receives reports on policies, strategies, and Group-wide risks deliberated by the Sustainability Committee twice a year. In addition to making final decisions, the Board oversees the executive function regarding sustainability.

Sustainability Committee:
Chaired by the President, the Sustainability Committee’s membership also includes the Senior Managing Executive Officer Responsible for the ESG Management Department serving as deputy chairperson, as well as executive directors including the presidents of the Housing Company, the UIEP Company, and the HPP Company. Meeting two times each year, the Sustainability Committee extracts and identifies risks and opportunities that the Group may face in the future, and reviews materiality as appropriate. At the same time, the Committee determines Group-wide policies and KPIs, formulates Group-wide action plans, receives reports from each subcommittee chairperson, and monitors the status of each materiality initiative.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has established seven subcommittees related to the Group’s materialities covering the environment, CS & Quality, human resources, safety, compliance, cyber security, and DX under the umbrella of the Sustainability Committee.
Meeting two times each year, each subcommittee is chaired by the executive in charge of Corporate Headquarters and includes the executives of each divisional company as well as general managers of divisional companies, Corporate Headquarters, and the Medical Business, which falls under the umbrella of Corporate Headquarters. Each subcommittee drafts specific measures for each divisional company based on details determined by the Sustainability Committee. These measures are incorporated into action plans and the status of progress monitored. The chairperson of each subcommittee participates in meetings of the Sustainability Committee to report on and discuss results.

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Sustainability Committee / Subcommittee Structure