Human Resources Management Principles

To realize a sustainable society by supporting the basis of LIFE and continuing to create peace of mind for the future, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is taking into consideration diversity as well as the workplace environment as it develops human resources who actively take on challenges.

Positioning of This Materiality

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group positions human resources as the driving force behind its ability to generate innovation and realize its Long-term Vision. In order for the Group to contribute more than ever to solving social issues, we are striving to create a workplace full of vitality. At the same time, we are putting in place an organization and culture that fosters the will to take on challenges in the face of mounting hurdles to realize a sustainable society. Under the current Medium-term Management Plan, we are working to instill an understanding, empathy, and personal ownership of our Long-term Vision. We are also shifting to a human resources management style where the right person is positioned in the right place. In this manner, we hope to foster an organizational climate that encourages employees to actively take on new challenges.

Our Philosophy

Based on our belief that employees are precious assets bestowed on us by society, we, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group, offer various opportunities through which we help individual employees to pursue their own carriers and enhance their unique skills while taking on the challenge of working together with employees to help solve social problems by creating opportunities pursue various social significant missions and challenges.
This fundamental mindset regarding human resources is shared throughout the entire Group, and we are striving to ensure that our workplaces are vibrant and enable diverse personnel to take on challenges and play an active role.

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Human Resources Management Principles