Local Communities

Major Initiatives

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group places considerable emphasis on partnerships as set forth in SDGs Goal 17, and promotes activities in cooperation with regional local governments, NPOs, and other organizations.

Contributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Society as a Corporate Citizen

As a member of the local communities in which it operates, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group proactively deploys social contribution activities and thereby hopes to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. The Group works to create safe and secure cities in collaboration with local communities, holds extracurricular classes at local elementary schools, supports programs that assist developing countries, and engages in various other activities in order to deepen the understanding of and help solve issues faced by local communities.

Major social and SDGs contribution activities undertaken or participated in during fiscal 2022 (Domestic /Local Community fields)

Take actions aimed at realizing a sustainable society by working with local communities.

SDGs Details of Activities Purpose Continuity Coordination / Cooperation
Food Bank Support (Sekisui Techno Molding Co., Ltd., Mie Plant) Reduce food loss and assist poor families 2022~ Food Bank Tabunka Mie
Stockpile donations (UIEP Company Tohoku Branch) Reduce food loss and assist poor families 2022~ NPO SECOND HARVEST JAPAN
Old clothing donations furugidevaccine (Sekisui LB Tec Co., Ltd.) Provide assistance for clothing reuse and medicine for children in developing countries 2021~ JAPAN REUSE SYSTEM, NPO Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World's Children
Medical assistance through donation-type vending machines (Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd., Tsukuba Plant) Assist in the improvement of medical and sanitary environments for children around the world 2022~ NPO ADRA Japan
BOOK MAGIC secondhand book donations (Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.) Provide assistance for book reuse and the education of children in developing countries 2021~ JEN (NPO)
Support for the Shiga Prefecture Elementary School Trash Elimination Research Contest (Shiga-Ritto Plant, Shiga-Minakuchi Plant,Taga Plant) Support education among future generations of children in order to build a sustainable, circular society 2022~ Shiga Prefecture Elementary School Trash Elimination Research Contest Executive Committee
Traffic safety awareness-raising and social welfare facility support (Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd., Kinki Office) Prevent traffic accidents and support activities to ensure independence for disabled persons 2022~ Wataboshi Group, Tanpopo-no-ye Foundation、 Nara Police Station
"Charity By the Book (Charibon)" secondhand book donations (Tokyo Sekisui Heim Group) Provide support for book reuse, and assistance for crime victims and their families 2022~ National Network for Victim Support, Victim Support Center of Tokyo
Awareness-raising activities at disaster prevention events (East Japan Sekisui Shoji Co., Ltd.) Conduct disaster prevention measures and awareness-raising activities regarding local community collaboration for the purpose of building disaster-resistant communities 2022~ Kawasaki City (Crisis Management Center), etc.
Awareness-raising activities to improve bicycle riding manners and to prevent fraud victimization (Gunma Plant, Gunma Sekisui Heim Co., Ltd., Sekisui Board Co., Ltd., Gunma Office, Toto Sekisui Co., Ltd., SEKISUI SEIKEI, LTD., Kanto Plant/held jointly) Raise awareness of reducing bicycle-related traffic accidents and of preventing fraud victimization 2022~ Gunma Prefecture Maebashi Police Station, Ota Police Station, etc.
Donations of used stamps, etc. (NTT DATA SEKISUI SYSTEMS CORPORATION) Provide support for insurance and medical cooperation activities in Asia and Africa 2022~ Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service
Local production for local consumption activities (Taga Plant, SEKISUI TAGA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.) Assist in the revitalization of local agricultural industries and raise environmental awareness among employees 2021~ AIM SERVICES CO., LTD.

Sekisui Heim Solar Power Smiling Kids Project

  • 【Site】
    GUNMA SEKISUIHEIM Co., Ltd. /Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Maebashi City, Maebashi Municipal Daycare Center No.3
  • 【Purpose】
    Support child rearing in Maebashi City using the profits from solar power sales
  • 【Continuity】
    Activity since 2013
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2022: Donated items included tricycles to 16 public daycare centers in Maebashi City
【Related SDGs】
  • 10-00
  • 10-06

In 2013, we launched a public-private joint project to support childcare in the city by donating profits from the sale of solar power. We will help create abundant communities by raising awareness of environmental issues among local residents and supporting educational activities for local preschool children.

Food drive activities

  • 10-07
  • 【Site】
    SEKISUI SEIKEI, Co., Ltd. Hyogo-Takino Plant /Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Kato City Social Welfare Council
  • 【Purpose】
    Support families in need and reduce food loss
  • 【Continuity】
    First held in fiscal 2022 (new activity)
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2022: Donated rice and retort pack food items
【Related SDGs】

In an effort to support families in need, business sites called on employees to collect food items that were then donated to local welfare councils. These initiatives within local communities also helped to reduce food loss. Moving forward, the Group will continue to pursue this initiative.


As a social contribution activity that allows easy participation by individual employees, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has continued to cooperate with the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) initiative, a program in which \20 of each meal served in employee cafeterias donated to support the provision of lunches to children in developing countries.

  • 05-46

Fiscal 2022 Results

Program Number of implementing business sites Total number of school lunches provided to developing countries
TABLE FOR TWO (Employee cafeterias) 11 business sites 32,916
TABLE FOR TWO Vending Machines 2 business sites (Equivalent of) 4,431
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Specified nonprofit corporation, TABLE FOR TWO International
  • 【Purpose】
    Feed hungry children in developing countries and help prevent lifestyle diseases in developed countries
  • 【Continuity】
    Activity since 2008
【Related SDGs】

Junior high school student work-study program (extracurricular class)

  • 10-08
  • 【Site】
    East Japan Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd. /Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Isesaki City, Sakai Minami municipal junior high school
  • 【Purpose】
    Career development for junior high school students (fostering perspectives on professions and employment)
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2022: Four 2nd year junior high school students participated in a three-day work-study program
【Related SDGs】

We cooperate in providing opportunities for junior high school students to participate in extracurricular classes to enable them to develop their own career perspectives by gaining work experience (manufacturing, safety education, etc.) at local companies. We will continue to actively participate in fostering people who can support regional development.

Tokuyama Sekisui Library: Donations of books for junior high school students

  • 10-09
  • 【Site】
    Tokuyama Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd./ Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • 【Collaborating partner】
    Shunan City Shinnanyo Library
  • 【Purpose】
    Support children's reading activities by donating books on SDGs, the environment, and other relevant information on such topics.
  • 【Continuity】
    Activity since 2004, the 40th anniversary of the Company’s founding (19th round of donations)
  • 【Effect】
    Fiscal 2022: Donated 103 books (total 2,873 books)
【Related SDGs】

Librarians select books deemed to be useful for children and other members of the local community. We look forward to continuing our contribution in the hope that the donated books will help children develop and become active members of their communities in the future.

Overseas Group Local Community Support Activities

  • 10-10

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Thailand Co., Ltd.
In order to make use of aluminum cans collected from Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Thailand sorting operations for the manufacture of prosthetic legs, employees donated cans that they cleaned and flattened to the Prosthetic Leg Foundation.

【Related SDGs】
Performance Data

Details of donation activities in fiscal 2022 (SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group)

(Unit: Thousands of yen)
Type of Donation Total Amount
Donations 198,356
Employee volunteers 47,007
Donations of goods 3,982
Administrative costs 361
  • 15-28

Breakdown of Cash Donations in fiscal 2022