Next Generation

Major Initiatives

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will provide quality education as outlined in SDG Goal 4 through programs that leverage its manufacturing, products, and other characteristics, and promote lifelong educational opportunities.

Basic Concept

Helping to Build Local Communities in Which Children Can Develop and Healthily Grow into Adulthood.

Targeting communities where the children who will form the next generation can develop and healthily grow into adulthood, we are implementing career educational programs for elementary, middle and high school as well as tertiary students that leverage the characteristics of our business activities. This initiative is being conducted for children to acquire the knowledge, skills, and approaches that will lead to them living independent lives as members of society. SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is advancing a wide range of activities such as field trip lessons that include science classes given by Company employees as well as online classes to learn about the SDGs through the Company’s products and manufacturing.

  Activity Aim Target Cooperation Division of roles Continuity Impact(Single-year fiscal 2021)(Numbers of people, etc.) Impact(Cumulative number of people etc. including fiscal 2021 results) Developability
1 SDGs education utilizing Edu Town SDGs electronic teaching materials Next-generation children will learn about SDGs through manufacturing and develop the ability to think and act for themselves in solving social issues. Elementary school upper grade years to junior high school students Producer of teaching materials
  • Platform construction
  • Provision of teaching materials
  • Alliance participation
2018~ 30,116page views*(* SEKISUI CHEMICAL-related pages only) 41,148 page views*(* SEKISUI CHEMICAL-related pages only)
  • Collaboration with multiple companies through corporate alliances. We will continue to increase the number of companies
  • Part of Web content made into a booklet and continues to be distributed free of charge to elementary and junior high schools nationwide.
  • Planning to further expand web content
2 Online lessons to learn about SDGs Under the theme of the SDGs, for which there is an increasing need in schools, we will utilize our unique expertise to bring about improvements in the next generation of young people's knowledge and ability to take action needed to solve problems toward the creation of a sustainable society. Junior high school students Education support company Organizer (Teaching material provision and lecturers) 2021~ 230 230
  • Online lessons can be conducted even during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Establishment of an operating system
3 Chemistry Classroom Project (High Performance Plastics Company Minase Site) Raise the next generation of children's interest in and passion for chemistry. Junior high school students Local junior high schools and junior high schools from which requests were received Organizer 2008~ 980 32,035
  • Collaboration with teachers
  • Development of programs in line with textbook revisions
4 Science classes(Shikoku SekisuiCo., Ltd.) Raise the next generation of children's interest in and passion for science. Junior high school students Local junior high schools Organizer 2009~ 85 802(Since 2010) Implementation on a continuous basis
5 Science and Engineering Classroom(Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.) Conducting online lessons on the theme of career education and introducing will, role, and ability to students while associating them with the instructor's own work, will lead to raising awareness of students working and thinking about the future. Junior high school students Local junior high schools Organizer 2016~ 211*(*Participants at Company lectures) 2,706*(*Participants at Company lectures)
  • Online lessons can be conducted even during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Provided as content in lieu of junior high school work experience
6 SB Student Ambassador Block Meeting Under the theme of the SDGs, we will utilize our unique knowledge to bring about improvements in the next generation of young people's knowledge and ability to take action needed to solve problems toward the creation of a sustainable society. High school students Initiatives Other companies Teaching material provision and lecturers 2020~ 87*(*Participants at Company lectures) 158*(*Participants at Company lectures) Expand implementation area to rural areas(Company participates in east and west Japan meetings only)
7 Contribution to English teaching materials Develop students' English proficiency by introducing corporate manufacturing through the products around them in English. This will lead to student job hunting and career education. University students Publishing companies Contribution to teaching materials 2020~ Not disclosed Not disclosed
  • Use these teaching materials in university English classes
  • Expansion of schools that use teaching materials
Major Initiatives

Conducting online classes to learn about the SDGs

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group prepares educational materials to help junior high school students learn about the SDGs. Utilizing these materials, the Group conducts online classes that cover efforts to solve social issues through products that enhance sustainability.
Taking into consideration prevailing conditions including the government’s statement clarifying the need to nurture pioneers who will help create a sustainable society, the new training course guidelines implemented in earnest from fiscal 2020 identified the goal of fostering SDG leaders from the field of education. As a result, content related to the SDGs is now included in various subjects in elementary and junior high schools, as well as high schools throughout Japan.
Meanwhile, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is working diligently to realize a sustainable society that achieves the SDGs through the creation and market expansion of Products to Enhance Sustainability that provide a significant contribution to solving social issues. Taking advantage of our unique knowledge and experience, we have prepared SDG educational materials that can be used in school classes, with the aim of improving the next generation’s knowledge and ability to take action to solve problems to create a sustainable society, under the theme of the SDGs, for which there is a growing need in schools. As a manufacturing company, the educational materials convey our contribution to solving social issues through sustainable products.
As a preparatory step in supporting school education that address concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we conducted online classes at two schools on a test case basis during the current fiscal year. Looking ahead, we plan to develop this activity as a new Group program of social contribution activities.
As identified under Vision 2030, we support the basis of LIFE and will continue to create peace of mind for the future, in order to realize a sustainable society. To this end, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is supporting education of the next generation who will build the future through the aforementioned and other activities.

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  • Online class

  • A student presentation (facing a laptop camera)

  • An example of a student’s hope for a future where no
    one is left behind.

Activities by Shikoku Sekisui Co., Ltd.

Science classes on various topics including distinguishing items, objects and substances, and the properties of substances

Shikoku Sekisui Co., Ltd. held a science class for first-year students of Saijo Municipal Nishi Junior High School in Ehime Prefecture. An annual event since 2009, this initiative was suspended last year due to the pandemic. This year, 66 students and seven teachers visited Shikoku Sekisui for a 2.5-hour program that included company presentations, classes, and a factory tour.
On the topic pf distinguishing items, one class called on participants to examine cups made from four different materials (glass, plastic, paper, and metal) and ask: “Where are these cups used?” and “What properties are applied?” An experiment to investigate the properties of plastic was also held. Four kinds of plastic pieces that looked the same were prepared. Students conducted two experiments: one to examine the density of plastic by floating it in water, and another to observe combustion by burning test plastic pieces. Results were then recorded on tablets.
In conclusion, students looked at how to make plastic products and then participated in a factory tour. Based on a comparison with how to make chocolate, student were provided with an explanation of injection molding, one of Shikoku Sekisui’s main manufacturing methods. The tour encompassed every facet of the manufacturing process up to the final product.
Working with local residents, Shikoku Sekisui hopes to continue this activity in the future.

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  • An experiment to investigate the properties of plastic

Supporting SDG learning events for high school students (SB Student Ambassador block competition)

Endorsing the concept of SDG learning events for senior high school students, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group once again participated as a sponsor and lecturer while also providing learnings materials to the SB Student Ambassador block competition in similar fashion to 2020.
This event is hosted by the Japan Chapter of SB Forum, which operates one of the world’s largest and most visited websites on sustainability.
In addition to deepening the knowledge of high school students, the future leaders of the next generation, on the latest sustainability initiatives, this event serves as a forum for students to share their values and what they want from society, and work toward the co-creation of a sustainable society.
High school students participating in this event learn about the SDGs through keynote speeches by the Company and workshops.
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group conducts lectures and workshops that encourage participants to think about solving social issues throughout the life cycle of its products. Each initiative was acknowledged favorably with participating high school students commenting: “I was particularly interested in the fact that the Company is backcasting toward 2030 and 2050, considering business goals and processes in detail, while working to achieve the SDGs not only in their products, but also in manufacturing process.” Other comments included: “I was surprised at the safety and environmental friendliness of familiar items such as sewage pipes and sustainable home construction.”
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will continue to support the education of the next generation who are responsible for building the future based on the knowledge and experience gained from solving social issues through its products.

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  • 05-40
  • Lecture for high school students

  • Workshop content presentation at the summary session

Overseas Group Next-generation Training Activities

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group also engages in efforts to nurture the next generation at its overseas Group sites.


Ten students from the Southern Columbia School District visited SEKISUI KYDEX for a video shoot on the theme “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing.”
Students were provided with an explanation about future careers in the manufacturing industry while participating in a tour of the plant. This initiative was an opportunity to educate students about monozukuri.

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