Health and Productivity Management

Basic Concept

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group strives to improve its employees’ physical and mental health based on the idea that employees are valuable resources entrusted to the Group by society.
In March 2019, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group formulated a philosophy regarding its goals for health and productivity management*1 in a Declaration of Health, and established the Basic Policy for Health and Productivity Management. Under the Declaration of Health, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group positions health as the well-being that is defined in the WHO Charter, aiming for health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.
In addition, we are using the Health and Productivity Management Strategy Map*2 to resolve health and productivity management issues while addressing expectations and evaluation of measures.

  • 12-42

Management Issues (Targets) to be Solved through Health and Productivity Management

  • Contribute to greater productivity through healthy minds and bodies
  • Address the declining birthrate and aging society
  • Contribute to a higher engagement score
  • Create and foster a well-being culture

Initiative 1. Health Checkups and Measures to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group collaborates with the Sekisui Health Insurance Society to facilitate health and carries out uniform health checkups for all Group companies. From October 2018, we have introduced a common Group-wide health management system. In addition, from 2015, we developed the Sekisui Health Network (SHN), a system that can respond to business sites of less than 50 employees, and are working to promote better health among such small work sites as well.
Percentage of employees receiving health checkups (fiscal 2021): 98.9%, Percentage receiving a secondary medical examination (fiscal 2021): 67.7%

Initiative 2. Mental Health

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is conducting the following activities as measures to support mental health.

  • 1.
    Stress Level Tests
    SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group undertakes obligatory efforts at population analysis and work environment improvements as an element of its Group-wide stress level tests for employees, including those working at business sites with fewer than 50 employees. Population analysis has been mandatory since fiscal 2019. As such, population analyses have been conducted on a 100% Group-wide basis. In addition, detailed population analyses have been conducted at 91.6% of the Group’s workplaces. Moreover, the rate of workplace environment improvement based on stress tests stands at 55.0%, with focused support provided at two sites in two companies.
  • 2.
    Web-based Stress Management Training
    We are conducting stress management training for newly appointed managers, mid-career hires (experienced personnel hires), and Japanese employees working overseas who experience considerable change in their environments. This training is proving effective as stress self-control indicators appeared to rise compared to before the training was implemented.
  • 3.
    Enhanced Consultation Centers Where Employees Can Comfortably Seek Advice
    We have established consultation centers that are available to any employee of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group, regardless of employment format, thus strengthening the safety net function.

Initiative 3. Systems and Workplaces Where People Can Work with Peace of Mind

There are a variety of existing factors at workplaces that may hinder health, including chemical substances, working posture, and noise. To counter these factors, we are undertaking activities across the Group through the utilization of an occupational health and safety management system. In addition, we are also striving to enhance a range of internal systems so that not only healthy employees, but also employees with illnesses can work with peace of mind in a caring environment.

Initiative 4. Group-wide Initiatives

In order to promote health and productivity management in unison as a group, we are promoting the application of the Group’s Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program, in the large enterprise category. Group companies that are engaging in activities aimed at increasing the level of health through pre-assessment are covered under the application. We took steps to initiate information exchange meetings among applicable companies from fiscal 2019. Having established specific health and productivity management targets for each company and putting in place a mechanism to share details regarding the level of achievement, we are promoting activities on an integrated Group-wide basis. In addition, we have appointed people responsible for, and others in charge of health and productivity management at approximately 300 business sites. In this manner, we have established systems that ensure the definitive promotion of health and productivity management.

Initiative 5. Increase Motivation and Productivity

With the intent to establish productivity indicators, we have identified a total of 29 KPIs, including seven main indicators, and are developing health measures for each.

External Evaluation

Certified as a 2023 Health and Productivity Management Organization in the Large Enterprise Category (White 500)

SEKISUI CHEMICAL was recognized for its Company-wide efforts to solve issues relating to the health and productivity of its employees and was certified as a 2022 Health and Productivity Management Organization in the large enterprise category (White 500) for the seventh year in a row along with 32 affiliated companies in Japan.

  • 08-06
Companies receiving certification
Companies certified together with SEKISUI CHEMICAL:


Sekisui Famis Kinki Co., Ltd.

Nishinihon Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Heim Chushikoku Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Home Techno Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Heim Tohoku Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Famis Chushikoku Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Seikei, Ltd.


Chushikoku SEKISUI HEIM Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Nara Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd.

Tohoku SEKISUI HEIM Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Chushikoku Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd.

Shikoku Sekisui Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Heim Kyushu Co., Ltd.

Kyushu Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Sekisui Heim Co. Ltd.

Sekisui famis kyusyu Co., Ltd.

Kyushu Sekisui Shoji Infratec Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Sekisui Famis Co., Ltd.

Kyusyu SEKISUI HEIM Real Estate Co., Ltd.


Sekisui Heim Chubu Co., Ltd.

Kyushu Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Material Solutions Co., Ltd.


Chiba Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd.

Sekisui Fuller Company, Ltd.

Sekisui Heim Kinki Co., Ltd.

Yamanashi Sekisui Co., Ltd.

  • Note:
    From the list of corporations certified as 2023 Health and Productivity Management Organizations in the Large Enterprises (White 500) category.
Performance Data

Ratio of employees on prolonged absence due to mental health issues

  FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Ratio of employees on prolonged absence due to mental health issues (%) 0.77 0.98 1.02 1.13
  • Note:
    Number of employees who were absent from work for more than one consecutive month due to mental health issues / number of employees covered by health management at SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group domestic business sites

Stress-check Assessment Rate

  FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Assessment rate (%) 87.1 92.5 93.9 95.2 95.5
  • Note:
    Companies subject to stress check: Companies that are members of the Sekisui Health Insurance Society (excluding some affiliated companies)

Primary KPIs (seven indicators) (see the aforementioned ratio of employees on prolonged absence due to mental health issues)

  FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Implementation of four or more of the seven health habits (%) 59.0 54.0 63.9
Implementation ratio of workplace environment improvements (%) 64.3 65.5 55.0
Presenteeism (%) 65.5 64.7 57.6
Absenteeism (days) 1.27 1.31 2.29
Employees in an ideal health condition (%) 33.1
Work engagement (points) 3.05
  • Note 1:
    Presenteeism: The University of Tokyo version one-question-type survey in fiscal 2019 and WHO-HPQ survey from fiscal 2020 and beyond.
  • Note 2:
    Absenteeism: Actual calculation from fiscal 2022.
  • Note 3:
    Employees in an ideal health condition: Percentage of respondents who answered that their usual subjective mental and physical health was “very good” or “good” based on the survey with questions referenced from the OECD (BLI: Better Life Index).
  • Note 4:
    Work engagement: The nine-item average, of the nine-item version of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale, the most widely used work engagement measurement.