Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Global)

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group holds Vision Caravans led by the presidents of its local subsidiaries around the world, and conducts ongoing dialogue to promote an understanding of the Long-term Vision and to encourage employees to undertake challenges. Moreover, we deploy human resources training programs that are firmly rooted in each area, thereby enabling employees to make the most of their unique characteristics and talents at their place of work.
Domestically, we are focused on hiring, training, and providing retention assistance to foreign nationality employees.

Performance Data

Breakdown of the Number of Employees (SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group)

Number of employees 26,838
Breakdown by region
Japan 20,015
North America/Latin America 1,989
Europe 1,051
Asia/Pacific 3,783

Number of Japanese Employees Stationed Overseas (SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group)

Breakdown by region
North America/Latin America 44
Europe 32
Asia/Pacific 83
  • Note:
    Number of expatriates as of March 31,2023 (Including engineers dispatched overseas and trainees)