Education for Enhancing the Ability to Contribute to Solving Social Issues

Fostering Human Resources Who Are Aware of Social Issues and Who Can Think and Act on Their Own to Create and Broaden Products to Enhance Sustainability

Management Approach

Promoting Education to Enhance the Ability to Solve Social Issues

In working to realize a sustainable society, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group pursues growth in sales and operating income through its “contributions to solving social issues” while advancing management that maintains an awareness of the “management ability to sustain business. ”With a focus on fostering the ability of our employees to contribute to solving social issues, we provide education that enables them to think in ways that connect to the management ability to sustain business and profit creation potential.

Concept for Promoting Education over the Long Term

In addition to spurring the growth of our employees through experience in their current positions, we provide education that fosters an awareness of problem-solving and the ability to act.

Similarly, having our employees spearhead activities premised on solving social issues (= SDGs) serves to transform their consciousness and enhances their ability to contribute to solving social issues. To increase its ability to contribute to solving social issues, the Group believes it must improve its levels of action and knowledge. To this end, the Group identified eight items on which to focus (four knowledge items and four action items). In the 2020–2022 Medium-term Plan, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group plans to advance education to improve performance in each of these knowledge and action items.

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Concept of Education for Enhancing the Ability to Contribute to Solving Social Issues in the Environmental Medium-term Plan

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    A program to assist the transformation to “hands-on” action
    In the Environmental Medium-term Plan (2017-2019), the Group created tools to allow it to monitor individual- level levels of knowledge and degrees of participation so that studies of individual employees could serve as indicators, and created mechanisms that allowed employees to engage in activities “hands-on.”
    The period from fiscal 2020 is envisioned to be consist of staged development, firstly to recognize respective social and environmental issues, then ultimately leading to the generation of outcomes will be participation in planning, obtaining awareness and understanding, consideration and taking action, while putting in place the input that will go into realizing “awareness, understanding, action and producing outcomes for each social issue.” Through these stages, we will nurture the human resources that generate results and contribute to social and environmental solutions through our business and corporate activities.

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    The ongoing implementation of effective programs
    While undertaking a detailed review, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group continued to implement the programs that proved effective among the various education programs instituted as part of the Environmental Medium-term Plan up to fiscal 2016 under the Environmental Medium-term Plan (2017-2019).
    From fiscal 2020, we will utilize the results of human resource indices and other data to determine the degree of progress toward personnel development with regard to each social and environmental issue. We will systematically apply these results to educational programs, thus implementing effective personnel training.

Major Initiatives

Establishment of Problem-solving Capability Indicators for Personnel

From fiscal 2017 to 2019, we created a human resource environmental awareness indicator to serve as a rough gauge of individual progress, so as to ascertain the status of employees’ knowledge and behavior concerning the environment and encourage individuals to engage in self-study. By utilizing an online “Human Resource Environmental Awareness Check” we were able to visualize changes in individuals’ behavior and improvements in the level of their knowledge.
By analyzing the results obtained through these human resources indicators, identifying target levels for strengthening and deploying educational programs that reinforce weaknesses, we verified growth in knowledge and improvements in the ability to act among our employees.
Having learned that using online systems that visualize knowledge and ability to act enables efficient improvement of the level of each attribute, we expect to continue to use these systems to measure knowledge and the ability to act. In fiscal 2020, we investigated indicators for the knowledge and actions required to solve not only environmental but also social problems. We plan to apply these indicators beginning in fiscal 2021.

Education Programs for Improving Social Problem-solving Contribution Ability (content implemented in 2020)

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Instructional booklet and e-learning about social issues and the Group’s efforts to grapple with them

The first step in thinking about social issues and taking action is knowing what social issues are present in today’s world and what actions the Group is taking to resolve them. The first instructional booklet deals with issues in the natural environment.
To deepen understanding of the content of the instructional booklet, we implemented e-learning in parallel with the publication of the instructional booklet.
Going forward, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group plans to provide educational materials dealing with social issues such as extending healthy lifespans, as well as the SDGs.

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    • Instructional booklet on social
      issues and the SEKISUI CHEMICAL
      Group's initiatives
    • e-learning covering social issues and the
      Company’s initiatives