We engage in Active Communication as a Member of Local Communities

Management Approach

Basic ConceptContributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Society as a Corporate Citizen

As a member of the local communities in which it operates, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group proactively deploys social contribution activities and thereby hopes to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. The Group works to create safe and secure cities in collaboration with local communities, supports programs that assist developing countries, and engages in various other activities in order to deepen the understanding of issues faced by local communities and to help resolve these.

Major Initiatives

Housing Company InitiativesContributions to Local Communities through Tours for Social Studies Classes at Factories

Kyushu Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd., located in Saga Prefecture, aims to help bring joy to its customers and regularly conducts activities rooted in the local community to that end.

In recent years, the numbers of people choosing to find employment within Saga Prefecture have been low, and companies in the prefecture face an ever-worsening situation in terms of labor shortages and difficulties securing talent. This has become an issue to resolve if the region is to be revitalized. Although the Company sought to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and thus did not engage in such activities during fiscal 2020, faced with these issues in the region, during normal years the Company has conducted factory tours as part of a series social studies field trips for students, primarily in elementary and middle school, with the aim of conveying to the local community what manufacturing companies there are locally and the joys of manufacturing.

Among these, our experience recreation of the Kumamoto earthquake was praised, with participants sharing comments such as “it was a truly precious experience that made me more conscious and aware of disaster prevention.” We will continue to increase its collaboration with the local community so as to make its contribution to it.

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An employee offers a presentation to students on
an educational field trip. (Fiscal 2019)

Housing Company InitiativesActivities to Improve Civic Order in Regions

The Housing Company believes that along with offering housing that is robustly built to survive natural disasters, urban-developments in which residents can live in peace, as well as initiatives that deter crime, are also essential in furthering its business into the future.

Under agreements for support and cooperation between Sekisui Heim sales companies throughout the country and individual police headquarters, the Housing Company advances initiatives specialized to each region, including participating in events organized by the police, preparing flyers and pamphlets for special crime prevention and bicycle safety classes, and donating to groups that offer assistance to victims of crimes.

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  • Distribution of specialized fraud damage
    prevention flyers

  • Supporting the printing of “Bike Safety Classroom”
    pamphlets (Japan Traffic Safety Association)

  • Participating in the Metropolitan Police Department,
    Shinjuku Police Station Traffic Safety Campaign
    Tokyo Sekisui Heim Co. Ltd.

  • Fundraising Activity for Crime Victim Assistance
    Sekisui Heim Sanin Co., Ltd.
    Sekisui Heim Tokai Co., Ltd.

  • Pamphlet describing the Housing Company’s social
    contribution activities (Revised in March 2021)


As a social contribution activity that allows easy participation by individual employees, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has continued to implement the TABLE FOR TWO*1 (TFT) initiative since FY2008, a program in which 20 yen is added to the cost of a meal in employee cafeterias, with this amount donated to support the provision of lunches to children in developing countries. Furthermore, TFT was expanded, from April 2013 to December 2014, to “TABLE FOR TWO+Tohoku,” in order to support the provision of food to roughly the equivalent of 650,000 yen to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in the Tohoku region.

In fiscal 2020, 11*2 locations participated in the program, including the SEKISUI CHEMICAL headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, the Gunma Plant, the Musashi Plant, the Tsukuba Office, the Shiga-Minakuchi Plant, the Kyoto Research and Development Laboratories, the Research and Development Institute, Kyushu Sekisui Heim Industry, Co., Ltd., Sekisui Board, Co., Ltd., and the Ota Plant of Toto Sekisui Co., Ltd. In fiscal 2020, approximately 360,000 yen was donated for food assistance to countries in Asia and Africa, bringing the total amount donated since the initiative began including the “TABLE FOR TWO+Tohoku” program to more than roughly 6.2 million yen.

  • *1
    A social contribution activity implemented through everyday meals by the specified nonprofit corporation, TABLE FOR TWO International. The program not only feeds hungry children in developing countries by providing them with school lunches, but it also contributes to boosting attendance at schools, and improving academic performance and physical fitness.
  • *2
    Due to the impact of COVID-19, starting in fiscal 2020 Kinki Sekisui Heim, Co., Ltd., installed TABLE FOR TWO vending machines in place of implementing TABLE FOR TWO through purchases from the employee cafeteria menu.

Initiatives of SEKISUI CHEMICAL GroupInstallation of TABLE FOR TWO Vending Machines

In order to enable as many employees as possible to participate in the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) initiative, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group installed the first vending machine linked to the TFT program at its Osaka Headquarters in July 2013. In addition, Kinki Sekisui Heim, Co., Ltd., introduced its first TFT vending machines in 2020. For each TFTlinked product purchased through this vending machine, 10 yen is donated to help fund meals and catering to schools in developing countries. Donations collected totaled around 60,000 yen in fiscal 2020.

A letter of appreciation as a “Silver Partner” presented to SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group from the specified nonprofit corporation TABLE FOR TWO International

In response to our support during 2020, TABLE FOR TWO certified the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group as a Silver Partner and delivered a letter of appreciation. We will continue carrying out these activities in the future, supporting a stable food supply for children in developing countries.

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  • 08-09
    • Letter of thanks from TABLE FOR
      TWO International


As a social contribution activity that allows easy participation by individual employees, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has been implementing BOOK MAGIC* since September 2009. Through this program, money made from selling unneeded books and CDs is used to help fund education support programs through JEN, an NPO, in various countries throughout the world. Approximately 100,000 yen was donated in fiscal 2020.

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Poster to raise awareness about BOOK
MAGIC (created by JEN)

    A recycle and donate program hosted jointly by the specifi ed nonprofit corporation, JEN, and BOOKOFF CORPORATION, LTD. Books, DVDs and CDs that people have finished reading, watching or listening to are sold instead of being thrown away, and the money is donated to JEN to help provide educational support (school support program) in regions scarred by natural disasters or wars.

Initiatives of SEKISUI CHEMICAL GroupHeart+Action

As social contribution activities that allow easy participation by individual employees, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has been implementing programs such as TABLE FOR TWO and BOOK MAGIC.

As an activity in which employees can easily participate, during fiscal 2012 we began promoting a new initiative known as Heart+Action. This program is based on activities involving international cooperation to help children and infants living in developing countries and those who are suffering from pediatric cancer. People only need about an hour to take part in any one of the four programs. Feedback received from participants included comments such as “It was easy to take part in” and “I’m glad to have been able to contribute to society through such a simple activity.”

Only “Send the Sounds” was available during fiscal 2020 due to limitations on activities from the perspective of preventing the spread of COVID-19. This activity was conducted following the implementation of infection prevention countermeasures.

Overview of Each Program

「Send a Picture Book」

An activity involving international cooperation in which stickers are stuck on Japanese picture books with translations of the text in languages of countries or regions where almost no children’s books are published. These picture books are then delivered to the relevant countries through Education Sponsorship in Asia, a specified non-profit corporation.

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Stickers being affixed to Japanese
picture books

「Sort the Coins」

An activity in which coins of foreign currencies collected in donation boxes set up at international airports are sorted into the main countries of origin and used to help improve living standards in developing countries and in restoration efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake through the authorized NPO, Japan Habitat Association.

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Coins of various countries being sorted

「Send the Sounds」

Through the NPO The Lifestyle Research Institute of Forests, we give African calimba musical instruments that are made out of thinned out trees from forests in Japan to young children suffering from pediatric cancer.

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Making a calimba with the SEKISUI logo
carved into it

「Send a Textbook」

Participating in international cooperative activities by creating handmade teaching materials in the Bengali numbers and having them delivered to the children of Bangladesh through the NPO ESA (Education Sponsorship in Asia).

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A homemade textbook displaying Bengali numerical characters