Social and SDG Contribution Activities

Through its social contribution activities, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group seeks to develop a climate and people that can contribute to solving social issues.

Management Approach

Promotion of social contribution activities from an SDG perspective

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group contributes to society not only through our business activities but also through a variety of social contribution activities which we promote through interactions with society leveraging the strengths and resources of the Group. SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group defines and promotes “activities to contribute to the SDGs” as the subset of the Group’s social contribution activities that lead to the formation of a sustainable society as targeted by the SDGs, positioning the environment, the next generation and regional communities as the three main fields of activities.

  • 15-22

Actions that strengthen the ability to contribute to solving social issues

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group believes that awareness of the SDGs is essential for contributing to solving social issues. By conducting social contribution activities from the viewpoint of the SDGs, the Group cultivates on a Group-wide basis the abilities to survey society from the most expansive possible perspective and to think about the future. In so doing, the Group aims to improve its ability to contribute to solving social issues. We regard the SDGs as a guidepost on what we can do to solve social issues as a member of society, starting with those nearest to us.

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Deploying activities to contribute to the SDGs Group-wide

Coordinating with the people in charge in each Group company, the Group spreads awareness of the SDGs while deploying autonomous activities to contribute to the SDGs by individual workplaces and employees, to foster a corporate climate that contributes to the SDGs. Essentially, the Group is shifting its awareness to goal-oriented activities to contribute to the SDGs, while continuing unchanged the actions to contribute to society conducted at each Group workplace. In so doing, the Group is transforming its activities into those that lead to the resolution of social issues.

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Major Initiatives
  • Woodland conservation and afforestation activities
  • Initiatives taken at Group business sites
  • Sekisui Children's Nature Academy
  • Houses and the Environment Learning Program
  • Chemistry Classroom Project
  • Science and Engineering Classroom
  • Exhibiting at Oshigoto Festa (“Work Festivals”)
  • Promotion of Next-Generation Environmental Education through an
  • Contributions to Local Communities by Factories, Including Tours for Social Studies Classes
  • Activities to Improve Civic Order in Regions
  • Heart+Action
Performance Data

Main social contribution activities to conduct or participate in during fiscal 2020 and their environment (excerpt)

Domestic workplaces (plants, research centers and residential sales companies)

Business site involved
in the activities
Activity program contents Coordination / cooperation
Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd. Kanto Site Kasama Children's Nature Academy (observation of organisms in waterfront areas) Kasama Municipal Minami Gakuen Compulsory Education School
Chushikoku Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd. Forest conservation activities in the city of Akaiwa Akaiwa City (Forest creation agreement in coordination with businesses)
Chiba Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd. “Moist Forest” mountain ecosystem-building project (nature observation event) Ichihara Municipal Urutsu Elementary School
Nishinihon Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd. SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Shiga-Ritto Plant Yurikago Rice Paddy Project Agricultural and Rural Development Promotion Division, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Shiga Prefecture; Kurimidezaike-cho, Higashiomi, Shiga
Shikoku Sekisui Co., Ltd. Non-native aquatic plant removal activities on the Shinmachi River Saijo Nature School
Kyushu Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd. Kyusyu Sekisui Children's Nature Academy (observation of biotope organisms) Kanzaki Municipal Chiyoda Tobu Elementary School
Tokuyama Sekisui Co., Ltd. “Sekisui Forest” forest management activities Forestry Division, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Office, Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, etc.
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. Iwate Plant Tree-planting activities at the site of the former Matsuo Mine ruins Forest People Project Organization
SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Kyoto R & D Laboratories Higashiyama forest conservation activities Council for Kyoto Traditional Forest Culture in the city of Kyoto
Sekisui Heim Tohoku Group Tohoku coastal forest restoration / coastal forest tree-planting activities with children Disaster Area Uncultivated Land Relief and Regional Seedling Production Network
Sekisui Heim Chubu Group Conservation of human settlement-adjacent mountain ecosystems in the Higashiyama neighborhood of Nagoya (support for the children’s project) Nagoya Higashiyama Forest Creation Association
  • Note:
    Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in fiscal 2020, the majority of our domestic business sites stopped their social contribution activities.

Overseas production sites and research centers

In normal years, overseas workplaces also conduct social contribution activities. In fiscal 2020, however, many overseas workplaces suspended deployment of social contribution activities, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Major Activities Contributing to Society During Fiscal Year 2020 (“Next-generation” and “Local Communities”)

Programs FY2020 Results Achievements Up Until Now
Heart+Action (Implemented from 2012) Number of implementations One times Number of participants Eight Total number of times implemented 61 Total number of participants 1,067
TABLE FOR TWO (Introduced from 2008) Number of implementing business sites 11business sites Number of school lunches provided to developing countries 18,048 Number of implementing business sites 11 business sites Total number of school lunches provided to developing countries 263,406
Tohoku food assistance* 649,910 yen
TABLE FOR TWO vending machines (Introduced from 2013) Number of implementing business sites Two business site Number of school lunches provided to developing countries 5,964 Number of implementing business sites Two business site Number of school lunches provided to developing countries 36,931
Houses and the Environment Learning Program (Implemented from 2007) Number of implementing schools Three schools Number of participating students 260 Total number of implementing schools 191 Total number of participating students Approximately 21,887
Chemistry Classroom (Implemented from 2008) Number of implementations Four times Number of participating students 401 Total number of times implemented 311 Total number of participating students 33,437
BOOK MAGIC (Implemented from 2009) Number of implementations 15 times Donation amount 105,047 yen Total number of times implemented 120 Amount of donation 1,324,352 yen
  • Tohoku food assistance was provided from April 2013 to December 2014.
  • Details of Donation Activities in Fiscal 2020 (SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group)

    (Unit: thousands of yen)
    Type of Donation Total Amount
    Donations 218,126
    Employee volunteers 17,905
    Donations of goods 1,342
    Administrative costs 6,333
  • 15-28
  • Breakdown of Cash Donations in Fiscal 2020