Pledge to Society

The Sekisui Chemical Group Is Engaged in Initiatives Relating to Safety, Compliance and Respect for Human Rights, and the Working Environment

Management Approach

Basic ConceptThe Sekisui Chemical Group Will Fulfill Its “Pledge to Society” as Part of Its Responsibilities as a Company While Engaged in its Business Processes

The Sekisui Chemical Group believes that it has responsibilities that it must fulfill on behalf of society as it engages in business as a company. The Sekisui Chemical Group considers these responsibilities to be its “Pledge to Society” and is engaged as part of business processes in initiatives relating to safety, compliance and respect for human rights, and the working environment.
In terms of safety, the Sekisui Chemical Group is engaged in creating safe workplaces that offer peace-of-mind to employees and local communities. In terms of compliance and respect for human rights, the group is involved in initiatives aimed at implementing compliance management and avoiding involvement in violations of human rights to promote fair, good-faith corporate behavior. In terms of the working environment, the group strives to create workplaces and systems that are healthy and give employees a sense of purpose through their work.