Scope of the CSR Report 2021

Scope of This Report

  • Entities Encompassed by This Report
    : The basic function of this Report is to comment on the activities of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group, focusing chiefly on the business facilities that play key roles in those activities.
  • Timeframe Encompassed by This Report
    : April 2020-March 2021 (Includes some activities that occurred outside this timeframe.)
  • Published
    : July 2021 (Previous report was published July 2020/Next report is scheduled for publication in July 2022)

Scope of Independent Practitioner's Assurance

The environmental and social information in the Japanese version of the “CSR Report 2021 PDF Edition” has been assured by a third-party organization. Information that falls within the scope of independent practitioner's assurance is identified by amark. Please refer to the Independent Practitioner’s Assurance Report on the applicable page for details.


Readers are requested to note the following: The information in the “CSR Report 2021” includes not only past and present facts concerning Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd, and its affiliates but also future forecasts based on current plans and projections and management plans and management policies as of the time of publication. Changes in various factors could cause the results of business activities in the future and other circumstances to differ from these forecasts. Also, since the figures in the tables and graphs contained in this report have been adjusted through rounding and other means, in some cases total figures may not be equal to the sums of their parts. In addition, for some items data for past fiscal years has been revised in line with expansion in the scope of summation, revision of calculation methods, and changes to environmental load coefficients.