Vision Management

KPI to Measure Employees’ Commitment Toward Taking on Challenges

The Importance of Human Resources in Promoting ESG Management

Guided by the statement, “Innovation for the Earth,” which lies at the heart of its Long-term Vision, “Vision 2030,” SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is working diligently to link efforts aimed at realizing a sustainable society to the sustainable growth of the Group by resolving social issues and providing peace of mind that continues into the future. More than anything, it is important for each and every employee to demonstrate their abilities and to break free from convention while continuously taking on challenges in order to realize this Long-term Vision.
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has identified certain KPIs to measure the degree to which the Group as a whole achieves five key issues (governance (internal control), DX, the environment, human resources, and fusion) in the conduct of its ESG management. Among these five key issues, we will measure the degree to which employees express their commitment toward taking on challenges in order to realize the Long-term Vision from a human resources perspective. In fiscal 2020, we implemented global questionnaires as a benchmark for setting goal values.

Implementing the Long-term Vision

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group announced Vision 2030 in 2020 as its long-term vision for the next decade, declaring its aim to double contributions to resolving social issues as part of its challenge to reach ever greater heights. Realizing this long-term vision hinges on managers essential to workplace operations to convey this vision to each department, thus fostering shared understanding and a spirit of challenge among employees.

Executive management outlined their visions in a video format and distributed them to employees, and all managers held long-term vision workshops that conveyed their visions for their own organizations. Managers also re-examined actions for the realization of their visions through workplace workshops which created opportunities for discussion with team members. We have made these initiatives more effective by sharing each organization’s vision on the Company intranet and incorporating them into business plans for each fiscal year. SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will engage in two-way communications based on a three-year roadmap that communicates new messages from executive management based on feedback from this discussion, in the form of team member impressions and opinions.

These initiatives began in Japan in fiscal 2020, and we plan to implement similar initiatives tailored to four overseas regions: North America, Europe, China, and South East Asia.

We aim to create a corporate culture that encourages employees to enthusiastically take on challenges with a sense of pride in SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group as well as a feeling that helping to resolve social issues contributes to the Long-term Vision.

  • 12-06

Long-Term Vision Expansion Roadmap (Overview of Initiatives for the 3-Year Period)

  • 12-07

Long-term Vision Workshops for Managers

  • 12-08
  • 12-09


My Impressions of the Workshop

  • I came away from the workshop with a desire to double our social contributions, not simply doubling the size of the business. Team members led the workshops, with managers fostering dialog rather than staying on the sidelines.
  • A diverse array of “frontier leaders” across divisional companies exchanged opinions, generating good ideas that others had not thought of.
  • The workshop served as a platform for the Company to voice its commitment as well as understand how other division company members feel about Vision 2030. While the aim of doubling social contributions stirred up feelings of both anxiety and anticipation, I think the training helped us motivate each other. The workshop also affirmed the importance of two-way communication and the need to eliminate obsolete ways of doing business.