People Management

Deepening Engagement

Engagement Surveys

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group periodically conducts an engagement survey targeting all employees every three years. The Group asserts that the continued empathy with and undertaking of the challenge of the Vision, as well as the feelings of individual employees that they are always the key players and that they have the determination to do their best and not give up until the results surpass everyone's expectations, in other words engagement, is crucial for achieving “Vision 2030” as the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group Long-term Vision.

The results of the survey conducted in fiscal 2019 were analyzed and examined by the Business Strategy Department and the Human Resources Department, and served as the basis for formulating the current Long-term Vision and the Medium-term Plan.

In fiscal 2020, each Group company, both in Japan and overseas, took the lead in conducting mid-term surveys in a voluntary manner. Based on the results of these, we conducted issue analysis and produced policy drafts on an individual company basis, which we will implement during fiscal 2021.

We will implement measures to be undertaken Group-wide as well as those to be undertaken on an individual company basis as a means of accelerating deeper engagement throughout the Group.

Engagement Drive Project

The Project to Develop a Workplace in which All Employees Can Excel has been conducted since fiscal 2016 as an improvement activity implemented at each department. This project aims to create ideal workplaces where diversity management is realized. In fiscal 2020, we revamped the activity organizations for this Project, and launched the Engagement Drive Project for the express purpose of deepening engagement. The Human Resources Departments of each organization serve as the members.

  • 12-12

Awards for the Previous Year’s Activities and Case Study Reports Were Presented, and the Project Kick-off Meeting Was Held Via Live Video Feeds with Group Companies.

  • 12-14

Engagement Drive Project 2020-2022 Activity Stages

In fiscal 2020, we undertook themes including productivity improvements and system reforms at each organization. In response to the needs of each organization, we also conducted a mid-term engagement survey to grasp the awareness and issues among employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with analyzing the mid-term survey, we held online organizational structure development seminars, worked to improve project member skill levels, and organized workshops covering everything from issue-setting to action plan refinement following a diagnosis of organizational structure issues.

  • Number of organizations engaged in activities: 82 in total, including SEKISUI CHEMICAL subsidiary companies in Japan and Headquarters business sites
  • Number of organizations conducting mid-term engagement surveys: 82
    Mid-term surveys are voluntary, with each activity organization drafting and conducting its own surveys
    → Engagement score (Group-wide total) improved 3 points
  • Organizational Structure Development Seminars (February to March 2021)
Main Programs Number of participants
Day 1: Fundamentals of process work, concept of roles, organization analysis practice 120
Day 2: Concept of ranking, organization analysis practice 88
Day 3: Introduction of case studies, points for work site intervention, consideration of action plans 86

Employee Career Development

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Career Autonomy)

Management Approach

Basic Concept

As an overall company activity, we strive to foster diverse human resources throughout the Group based on the two pillars of training business leaders, who will someday shoulder management, and training efficient staff that can maintain our manufacturing processes. In addition, we apply measures in which the individual, their superiors, and systems work as a unified whole to support “career autonomy,” whereby employees take the lead in building their careers.

  • Note: Career Autonomy:
    An approach to independent employee career development whereby employees aim to work with vitality in a location to which they are uniquely suited as they prepare to play the role expected of them by the company.
Major Initiatives

Career Training During Role Turning Points

Under a new human resources system established to realize the Long-term Vision, each individual employee is required to actively and ambitiously contribute in his or her specific role. For this purpose, career training will also be transitioned from the conventional framework based on the axes of age and continuous service to one based on the axes of role and occupation. During fiscal 2020, we examined ways of rebuilding our career training programs based on this new framework. Alongside these efforts, the career plan training sessions for all age groups were canceled for this fiscal year.

Periodic Evaluation of Individual Performance and Career Development

At Sekisui Chemical, we are working to build a system for human resources that enables people to thrive, regardless of age or attributes. Our source of growth is found in those tasks we perform on an everyday basis. Indicating the specific actions an employee needs to take and the abilities needed to execute tasks in order to achieve a sustained level of consistently optimal results, there is the Sekisui Self-accountability & Competency Sheet (SSAC Sheet). SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group bases all of its business activities on its corporate philosophy called the “3S Principles” aiming to achieve satisfaction of its stakeholders. Based on these 3S Principles, the SSAC Sheet lists the roles and responsibilities of our employees in execution of their business duties as well as concrete behavior required by the Group from employees in each course, at each qualification level.
Under the Group's evaluation system, employees are assessed not only by their business results but also by the process that led them to the results and the personal growth they achieved through accomplishment of the tasks (increase of task-execution abilities). The SSAC Sheet serves as a standard for this evaluation. Superiors and subordinates are provided with regular opportunities to discuss the individual goal setting and assessment. Permanent, full-time employees in all position s and levels are target to this initiative.

Improving Group-wide Human Resources Capabilities

As it strives to empower Group human resources to achieve sustainable growth, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is advancing a variety of efforts to secure and train human resources.

Performance Data

Results of Intra-Group Job Postings

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 Cumulative Total since FY2000
Number of recruitment cases 44 49 44 45 31 386
Number of employees recruited 149 130 140 62 54 1,334
Number of applicants 83 99 115 135 155 1,163
Number of employees transferred 12 19 26 28 28 233

Career Path Support System

(Number of people)
FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Course conversion system Men 7 14 9 10 14
Women 2 2 2 1 2
Permanent, full-time employee conversion system Men 1 5 3 2 1
Women 5 11 7 11 14

Average Hours per FTE of Training and Development (Sekisui Chemical)

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Average hours per FTE of training and development (hours) 9.9 9.4 9.4 6.3
  • Note:
    Educational programs held at SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s Human Resources Department at Headquarters

Training Programs Common to Entire Company to Improve Group-wide Human Resources Capabilities

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
New employee induction training 223 251 243 101
Training for newly appointed managers 245 210 252 220
  • Since this training was urgently converted to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic, trainees from Group companies are not included.