Building a Diverse Organizational Structure

Every Effort Is Being Made to Build an Organizational Culture in Which All Employees Are Able to Work Dynamically and Make the Most of Their Unique Characteristics and Talents

Management Approach

Organization-wide InitiativesPromoting Awareness and Application of Diversity Management

Sekisui Chemical’s organizational culture is based on actively taking advantage of each and every employee’s orientation and their distinctive characteristics. To this end, activities are divided into two categories: “promotion” and “implementation.”

Diversity Management Promotional StructureWe are Putting in Place a Structure That Promotes Diversity Management Across the Entire Group.

CSR Committee, Human Resources Committee

The CSR Committee deliberates on CSR measures generally. This includes matters relating to diversity management. Chaired by the president, the CSR Committee is comprised of such senior executives as the presidents of division companies as well as employee representatives including female employees and the head of the Labor Union. Matters that require resolution are also reported to the Board of Directors.
In addition to deliberating on Group-wide diversity management issues, the Human Resources Committee puts in place and monitors measures aimed at securing and developing the personnel necessary for diversity management. Chaired by the managing executive officer and head of the Human Resources Department, the Human Resources Committee is comprised of executive officers and the heads of human resources departments selected from each division company.

Human Resources Management Promotion System

Project to Develop a Workplace in Which All Employees Can Excel

The Sekisui Chemical Group has appointed a manager to oversee the promotion of a project to develop a workplace in which all employees can excel at each of its 159 domestic bases. Each manager is working to ensure the smooth implementation of diversity management measures at each location.


Diversity Management Policy Formulation

In November 2015, the Sekisui Chemical Group formulated its Diversity Management Policy following deliberations at meetings of the Board of Directors and Policy Committee.

Distributed the "D-Book"

As a means for promoting diversity management, Sekisui Chemical drafted the “D-Book” in fiscal 2015 and “D-Book 2” in fiscal 2017, both of which have been distributed to all domestic Group employees.
Kicking off our diversity management policies, D-Book features an overview of management’s commitment, stance, and details on initiatives.
D-Book 2 showcases initiatives and case studies undertaken since fiscal 2015 and describes work-style reforms that will commence in earnest starting in fiscal 2018.

Conducts Frontier Leader Workshops & Leadership Workshops

Sekisui Chemical conducted top-down explanations with the aim of promoting its Diversity Management Policy. To begin, we provided explanations of the meaning behind diversity management promotion through Frontier Leader Workshops targeting 200 senior managers (Frontier Leaders) in December 2015.
Subsequently, we held workshops to raise awareness of the meaning behind diversity management promotion for 1,800 department managers, who in turn conveyed this information to employees at each department.

Diversity Management Poster Creation & Distribution

With the aim of fostering understanding and awareness of our diversity management initiatives, we created a slogan and logo that puts a face to our Sekisui Chemical Group's Diversity Management Policy.
After promotion managers and supervisors decided on a logo and slogan “Project to Develop a Workplace in which All Employees Can Excel,” both of these were featured in a poster that was distributed to every workplace.

Slogan: Diverse Colors, Diverse Strengths
Featuring the capital letter S for Sekisui, the logo features intersecting lines with varying colors and widths to express the coordination of diversity as well as illustrates forward-looking activities that will enable all employees to shine.


Initiatives to Build an Organizational Culture

Implementing Initiatives from Three Perspectives: Organization-wide, Department Managers, All Employees

Project to Develop a Workplace in Which All Employees Can Excel

The Project to Develop a Workplace in which All Employees Can Excel began in December 2016 as improvement activities implemented at each department.
The purpose of the Project to Develop a Workplace in which All Employees Can Excel is to create ideal workplaces where diversity management is realized. Targeting 159 domestic Group organizations, the project involves assigning a promotion manager and supervisor at each department, recognizing that each department has different issues. Improvement activities are carried out spearheaded by these promotion managers and supervisors.
Kicking off project activities in fiscal 2016, we created ideal images for each department along with formulating proposals to analyze the status quo, identify issues, and set improvement plans.
From fiscal 2017, the project got underway by implementing measures to help solve issues at each department, while efforts were made to identify issues at 152 organizations within the Group.
We aim to realize these improvements by fiscal 2019.

● How Project to Develop a Workplace in Which All Employees Can Excel Works

Educational Programs on Diversity Management Implementation

In working toward the realization of diversity management, since it is important for department managers, who play a key role, to understand, recognize and utilize the fact that attitudes to work and life and distinctive characteristics differ from one team member to another, we are implementing educational programs on diversity management that are geared toward the managers of all groups and sections from domestic Group companies. At these educational programs, participants are learning the way that business leaders ought to act as well as communications and management styles that discover new possibilities and which they are putting into practice every day at their actual workplaces.

Career Plan Training by Age

All employees are called to take it upon themselves to proactively display their distinctive characteristics, learn, and grow in order to realize diversity management.
To this end, faced with their own attitudes toward work and life and distinctive characteristics, the Company is conducting career plan training by age (young employees and employees aged in their 30s, 40s, and 50s) to give employees an opportunity to consider their future careers for themselves. From fiscal 2016, career plan training is being extended to cover all domestic Group employees. We are conducting training to draft career plans.

Performance Data

Educational Programs on Diversity Management Implementation

FY2016 FY2017
Number of participants in programs 1,168 1,723

Career Plan Training by Age

FY2016 FY2017
Number of participants at career plan training 1,276 1,429

Project to Develop a Workplace in Which All Employees Can Excel

Number of organizations engaged in activities 159 organizations