Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (People with Disabilities)

Management Approach

Putting in Place an Invigorating and Comfortable Workplace Environment That Is Conducive to the Hiring and Retention of People with Disabilities

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group promotes the hiring of people with disabilities. To this end, we believe it important not only to hire people with disabilities, but to create an environment where those with disabilities can easily work. We believe that such measures not only help us retain those with disabilities, but also leads to an environment in which all employees find it easy to work. We incorporate support from experts for hiring people with disabilities to meet the needs of each Group company, extending from establishing worker responsibilities to putting in place working environments.

Moreover, our personnel departments and experts offer regular counseling to people with disabilities after they have entered a Group company so that they will be able to set their own steady course for personal career development.

Major Initiatives

Creating an Environment Receptive to Workers with Disabilities

In the brainstorming sessions on employment of workers with disabilities that took place from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2018, we implemented training divided into three segments—employment planning, establishing worker responsibilities, and actual hiring methods—and worked to improve performance of human resources managers throughout the Group. From fiscal 2019, we have partnered with relevant institutions and experts in each region in an effort to create opportunities that lead to actual hiring by focusing on hiring issues by Group companies and business locations. In fiscal 2020, internships and other activities were canceled due to concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, at the Tsukuba Office—which newly hired people with disabilities—we undertook such activities while receiving assistance from experts in order to enable self-sustaining employment, extending from hiring to following up on retention.

In fiscal 2021, we will continue to consider the areas that will enable a diverse range of people to play an active role by collaborating with relevant organizations and experts in each region.

Performance Data

Employment Ratio of People with Disabilities (Sekisui Chemical)*

  • 12-34
  • Including Special Provision Subsidiary (as of March 2021)
Indicator Calculation method
Employment ratio of people with disabilities (Number of regular workers who have physical or mental disabilities ÷ Number of regular workers) ×100