Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Global)

Management Approach

Basic ConceptFostering Personnel Based on the Conditions in Each Area

In Vision 2030, our Long-term Vision, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group focuses on doubling our contribution to society as a means to ensure growth. In order to achieve sustainable business growth over the long term, we believe it is not only important to create an organization in which each and every employee understands and shares the vision while also playing an active role in achieving it, but also to foster the development of people who are willing to take on new challenges.
Expansion in overseas markets is especially vital. SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group as a whole will expand our efforts to develop human resources who can take on new challenges and demonstrate their abilities not only in their respective countries and regions, but on a global basis as well.

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Major Initiatives

Developing Personnel Who Can Succeed on the Global Stage

Amid an ongoing expansion in the business categories in which we participate, the overseas sales ratio and the overseas employee ratio at SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group are both increasing with each passing year. We believe that to develop as a Group, we need each and every employee working throughout the world to develop themselves through their work and learn to create and provide the products and services that meet the needs of each country and region.

This way of thinking lies at the base of our efforts to develop training programs for our human resources, programs that are firmly rooted in each area we operate in, enabling every employee to maximize his or her distinctive capabilities at their place of work. In fiscal 2020 , we completed the introduction of the Learning Management System, which will serve as a foundation for the fostering of human resources moving forward, in four areas (U.S., Europe, China and ASEAN), with each company already implementing and making use of the system.

Integration and Training of Personnel across Regional Boundaries

With fiscal 2020 as the first year in our long-term vision, we focused on the dissemination and increased understanding of this vision. In addition to conducting “vision caravans” in each area, we held discussions on how best to develop the vision at each company with participation from presidents of all the local corporations overseas.

Hiring Foreign Nationals

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is actively hiring foreign nationals for the purpose of further globalizing the Group’s businesses. In addition to hiring students who have been studying in Japan, the Company launched overseas recruitment activities in fiscal 2015. In fiscal 2020, we suspended overseas recruitment activities due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, for the foreign nationals who have been hired so far, we provided support so that they can utilize their strengths and demonstrate their abilities, including by increasing training opportunities and implementing transfers that would allow them to play an even more active role.

In order to realize our vision, we will continue to acquire and develop human resources with a global perspective in line with our business strategy, and accelerate the globalization and utilization of our diverse workforce.

Developing Personnel to Be Immediately Effective Overseas

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group established a Global Talent Employee System in the years running up to and including fiscal 2019. However, from fiscal 2020 on, this has been revised to a global human resource development program for developing human resources in a more strategic manner. In fiscal 2020, 15 employees took part in the program.

Participants in the global human resources development program will work online with people from different cultural backgrounds to create and propose business plans, while also learning leadership and cross-cultural skills. Through collaborative efforts, they will also be able to recognize areas in which they can focus on an individual basis as they work in a global environment. By applying this awareness to their daily work, they will be able to accelerate their growth into individuals who can contribute to the globalization of our business.

Global Trainee Program

The Group offers a Global Trainee Program that enables employees to gain work experience overseas. Employees working in sales, accounting, product development, and some other areas with a certain achievement level are eligible to participate in the program allowing them to apply for posts at the overseas companies affiliated with the Group.

In addition, we have also implemented an Overseas Engineers Dispatch Program aimed at training engineers with globally competitive high-level expertise as well as a Short-term Overseas Dispatch Training Program that teaches the participants how to cultivate their own abilities and develop the behavioral patterns that are required to succeed in global business. We were unable to dispatch any employees in fiscal 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to systems such as these, we will continue to expand our other systems and mechanisms so that our employees can gain on-the-job work experience applicable to the global stage.

Performance Data

Breakdown of Number of Employees (SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group)

  • 12-28
(Number of people)
Number of employees 26,577
Breakdown by region
  Japan 19,800
The Americas 1,744
Europe 1,014
Asia/Pacific 4,019

Number of Japanese Global Talent Employees

  • 12-29
Indicator Calculation method
Global talent employees Japanese employees with overseas assignment experience

Number of Participants in the Global Trainee Program

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Number of participants 10 21 15 1