Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Diversity Initiatives)

Management Approach

Basic Concept

In November 2015, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group formulated its Diversity Management Policy following deliberations at meetings of the Board of Directors and Policy Committee. Not only perceiving diversity by differences understood from outward appearance such as gender, age, and race, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group also focuses on differences that include careers, values, and personality. Likewise, we understand, recognize, and utilize the differences between each and every employee as strengths.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s Diversity Management Policy

Diversity is essential to maintain our strong corporate presence for 100 years and beyond. We understand and recognize that every employee’s orientation to work and life, and their personal strengths are different and thus we use this to our advantage. Through employee dialogue, we will strengthen our organizational culture by providing employment, opportunities for development and an enhanced work environment to support growth.

Organization-wide Initiatives

In preparing to realize diversity management, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has worked to build an organizational culture founded on actively taking advantage of each and every employee’s orientation and their distinctive characteristics. To this end, activities are divided into two categories: “promotion” and “implementation.” We launched our “promotion” efforts in fiscal 2015 and moved on to “implementation” in fiscal 2016. In fiscal 2018, we focused on entrenching diversity to create foundation for making the best use of each person’s orientation and distinctive characteristics by fiscal 2019, the last year in our Medium-term Management Plan.

Starting in fiscal 2020, we evolved activities intended to utilize the orientation and distinctive characteristics of each and every employee while enabling employees to undertake challenges and actively participate in working towards our transformation into the energetic, enthusiastic company we are aiming for Long-term Vision, Vision 2030.

  • 12-19

Our continuing initiatives such as career plan training by age and diversity management training were praised at the 2nd “Platinum Career Award*” (Organizer: TOYO KEIZAI INC. Sponsors: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.), where we received the Grand Prize.

  • 12-59
  • About the “Platinum Career Award”
    In the era of 100-year lifespans, extension of the working period has become a realistic proposition, and companies are expected to handle these changes. Within this environment, “platinum career” refers to the career format Japanese workers should strive for which proactively incorporates the following three elements.
    • Long-term perspective: Awareness of ability to remain active at any age
    • Autonomous learning: Learning actively and building-up experience
    • Contribution to society: Taking an interest in society and striving to solve social problems
    At the “Platinum Career Award” ceremony, companies supporting career formation with the perspectives above in mind are recognized for their efforts.

Enhancing Adequate Benefits and the Welfare Benefits System for Non-full-time Employees

At Sekisui Chemical (non-consolidated), base salaries are the same for each gender, and proper benefits are provided regardless of gender.
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group also has systems in place that provide welfare benefits to contracted employees, such as contract employees, including healthcare (i.e., health checkups), compensation for disabilities and illnesses that arise at work, and childcare leave. Only indefinite-term employees are eligible to join the Company’s life insurance, defined-benefit retirement plans, and shareholding programs.