Diversity Management

Fostering a Corporate Culture Where Diverse Human Resources Can Work with Enthusiasm and Make Unique Contributions

Formulated a Diversity Management Policy

In November 2015, Sekisui Chemical Group formulated its Diversity Management Policy following deliberations at meetings of the Board of Directors and Policy Committee. Not only perceiving diversity by differences understood from outward appearance such as gender, age and, nationality, Sekisui Chemical Group will also focus on differences that include careers, values and, personality while understanding, recognizing, and utilizing the differences between each and every employee as strengths.

Sekisui Chemical Group’s Diversity Management Policy

Diversity is essential to maintain our strong corporate presence for 100 years and beyond. We understand and recognize that every employee’s orientation to work and life, and their personal strengths are different and thus we use this to our advantage. Through employee dialogue, we will strengthen our organizational culture by providing employment, opportunities for development and an enhanced work environment to support growth.

Created a Statement of Work Style Reform

Moreover, we put in place an organizational culture in which all employees can work dynamically in 2017. We then positioned fiscal 2018 as the inaugural year for promoting work style reform in order to remain the preferred choice of stakeholders. As one step in our efforts to push forward Group-wide endeavors, we also created the Statement of Work Style Reform.

Statement of Work Style Reforms

We determine work methods that promote growth over time to enable each and every individual employee to manifest their personal “characteristics,” and pursue highly productive work methods that maximize success.
In order to improve productivity, the Company actively invests in management resources, and unifies managers and workers to coalesce their wisdom Companywide. We nurture work worth doing by improving the quality of the job, and promote workers’ diverse activities by returning the success of reforms to them.

Distributed the President’s Top Message to Employees

We distributed a message from the president to employees outlining the background behind as well as our philosophy and approach toward diversity management. At the time the Diversity Management Policy was formulated in 2015 and again when we created the Statement of Work Style Reform in 2017, we published the president’s message in the D-Book and D-Book 2 for employees. On both occasions, these publications and messages were distributed to all employees.
Click here for the president's message regarding the Statement of Work Style Reform published in D-Book 2.