Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Depending on the Individual Career Orientation)

Management Approach

Basic ConceptStriving to Provide Opportunities for Personnel Training According to Individual Career Orientation

As an overall company activity, we strive to ensure that the Group can move forward on two pillars - training of business leaders, who will someday shoulder management, and efficient staff that will be able to maintain our manufacturing processes.
We also offer all kinds of support to people, who "voluntarily take on new challenges," providing systems and opportunities to help individual employees grow.

Major Initiatives

Developing Business Leaders

1) Developing Business Leaders from an Early Stage

We have developed a consistent training system covering all stages from new hires to management positions, in order to systematically train business leaders to power the Sekisui Chemical Group into the future.
Based on the concept that the foundations of growth are the experience gained through everyday business activities and learning from such experience, we have developed a training system that links these two elements together. Through this system we will enhance each individual's mastery of the skills required of business leaders, by running through the cycle of growth through experience, from when a new hire joins the Company through to management.

2) Developing Employees to Fill Senior Management Position Going Forward

With an eye toward management positions throughout the Group, Sekisui Chemical has established the Saijuku School. This internal training and development tool is designed to help enhance the scope and depth of future business leaders going forward.
Employees participating in the Saijuku School review a wide range of case studies while attending lectures. In addition to the skills required to put forward management strategies, the Saijuku School provides details of important business theories and philosophies. This in turn provides participants with the broad perspective necessary to engage in global business development and to further hone the abilities to think and act. Working to instill a broad mindset that encompasses the Group as a whole, employees are encouraged to take the initiative in their own development and to establish action plans geared toward reform.

3) Innovation School (Fostering of Business Leaders by Newly Appointed Operating Officers)

The Innovation School has been held since fiscal 2003 to "change the Company and change each individual's behavior” and with the aim of having operating officers themselves directly train the Sekisui Chemical Group's next-generation business leader candidates. Up to and including fiscal 2016, a total of 981 next-generation business leader candidates had taken part.
In fiscal 2017, with operating officers up to their second year in office acting as headmasters, we again trained young, highly motivated employees, irrespective of their Group company or business domain, as candidates to become next-generation business leaders across the whole Group.
In addition to talking directly with senior management and learning as potential business leaders while engaging in discussions at great length, the Innovation School offers an excellent opportunity for the candidates to broaden their horizons through interaction with parties from both inside and outside the Company.

Training Human Resources to Support the Workplace

The human resources who will support the foundations of management in practical terms in the workplace must undergo self-growth as highly capable practitioners accumulating experience over the long term and acquiring highly specialized knowledge and skills. Based on this concept, the Sekisui Chemical Group hires human resources who will support the workplace as permanent, full-time employees, creates an environment in which they can demonstrate their abilities with peace of mind over the long term, and deploys the Meister System to strengthen their abilities in the workplace.
In the future as well, we will promote measures to strengthen training abilities in the workplace on a Group-wide basis.

Follow-up Training for New, Mid-career Hires

With the aim of, for example, acquiring knowledge from outside the Company and enhancing its business potential, Sekisui Chemical is increasingly active in mid-career appointments (the hiring of experienced personnel). Having joined the Company, there are few examples of a lack of understanding with regard to the workplace culture or in-house systems on the part of the mid-career hires themselves proving to be an obstacle to the process of having them display their skills at an early stage. Providing new, mid-career employees (those hired based on their previous experience) with the opportunity to learn the basic knowledge (including the Company's unique history, culture, policies and systems), the Sekisui Chemical Group draws on the high levels of competence and specialized skills they have accumulated up until their previous positions and implements follow-up training for new, mid-career hires as an environment improvement so they demonstrate those attributes and participate actively at an early stage.

Group Internal Job Posting

The Sekisui Chemical Group supports its employees' willingness to take on challenges and their career plans by providing opportunities to thrive within the Group through posting job openings internally.
Through Group internal job postings, any qualified employee can apply for jobs posted to the intranet, without the approval of their superiors.

Support System for Diverse Career Paths

The company has in place a system that enables employees to be involved Course Conversion System, after having reviewed their careers based on written self-assessments and career planning. In addition, there is a system which enables partner employees working in pre-specified workplaces or areas of business operations, to choose to switch to becoming permanent, full-time employees.

Performance Data

Results from Main Recruitment-type Training Programs

Name of Training Program Numbers of attendees in FY2015 Numbers of attendees in FY2016 Numbers of attendees in FY2017
The Saijuku School 34 33 37
Innovation School 70 72 58

Follow-up Training for New, Mid-career Employees

FY2016 FY2017
Number of training participants 45 87

Results of Intra-Group Job Postings

FY2016 FY2017 Cumulative total since FY2000
Number of recruitment cases 44 46 431
Number of employees recruited 149 130 1,078
Number of applicants 83 98 1,733
Number of employees transferred 12 18 343

Career Path Support System

(Number of people)
Course conversion system Men 14
Women 2
Permanent, full-time employee conversion system Men 5
Women 11

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Gender)

Management Approach

Organization-wide InitiativesAs a First Step in Diversity Management

As a first step, we began initiatives designed to promote the success of those with whom we have the closest working relationships, women. For women to truly thrive, they are divided into two stages of consolidation / success and the nurturing of management candidates. Under the CSR Medium-term Plan launched in fiscal 2017, we are aiming to become “an organization where women can truly thrive” and set specific numerical targets for women’s hiring ratios and the number of women in management positions. These targets are regarded as one of the goals for directors, officers and executives.

■ CSR Medium-term Plan (Fiscal 2017 to Fiscal 2019) Targets

Ratio of women to total hires: 35%
Number of women in management positions: 200 (Sekisui Chemical non-consolidated: 50; Consolidated Group companies in Japan: 150), Ratio of women in management positions: 4.4%
Ratio of permanent, full-time female employees: 15% (Sekisui Chemical non-consolidated)

Recognition of Sexual Minorities, Including LGBT

In its human resources and human rights policy, the Sekisui Chemical Group states that all forms of discrimination are prohibited. Under its diversity management policy, the orientation to work and life of each and every employee involves understanding and recognizing differences. To make proactive use of those differences, we thus promote activities based on concepts of inclusion with regard to sexual minorities such as the LGBT community.

Major Initiatives

Retention and Empowerment of Young Female EmployeesNew Female Hire Assignment Support Seminars

Geared toward those who manage new female recruits, a New Female Hire Assignment Support Seminar is conducted before and after the new female hires have been assigned. The seminars are devised to get new hires established and thriving at an early stage by increasing awareness from the point of view of those attending the seminars.

Retention and Empowerment of Young Female EmployeesFemale Subordinate Management Seminar

Geared toward those in management positions overseeing female staff members who are up to their fourth year since joining the Company, this training program provides day-to-day guidance and opportunities to learn the attributes of training methods.

Fostering Women’s Candidacy for Management PositionsCareer Development Program for Women

Targeting women employees who hope to be appointed to management positions and their direct supervisors, the Company is conducting a Career Development Program for Women. This educational program has been put in place with the aim of fostering awareness and gaining the achievements appropriate for management positions. We have been deploying this program as essential training across the entire Group since fiscal 2016.

External EvaluationsRecognition as a Nadeshiko Brand

Having evaluated the Company's efforts to implement diversity management initiatives (including women's empowerment) since fiscal 2015, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as well as Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) recognized the Company as a Nadeshiko brand in fiscal 2017. Following on from fiscal 2016, this was the second consecutive fiscal year the Company has achieved recognition in this way.

  • Note:
    The Nadeshiko Brand is a project that has been undertaken jointly by METI and the TSE since fiscal 2012. Aimed at introducing certain TSE-listed enterprises that are outstanding in terms of encouraging the empowerment of women in the workplace as attractive stocks to investors who put emphasis on improving corporate value in the mid- and long-term, the project is thus promoting investment in such enterprises and accelerating efforts encouraging women's success in the workplace.

Balanced Support for Child Rearing and Nursing CareSupporting Flexible Workstyles in Tune with Life Events

The Sekisui Chemical Group introduces a variety of systems designed to enable employees to work flexibly in tune with life events and lifestyles.
In addition to system upgrades that go beyond those stipulated under law, the childcare support system is covered in a guidebook, which summarizes the necessary information to support a flexible workstyle from pregnancy to childcare leave, and working mother know-how is posted on the Company intranet. To encourage male employees to participate in childcare, the first five working days of childcare leave are paid, and we are advancing system acquisition for male employees whose children have just been born and their superiors.

Performance data

Number of Women in Management Positions and Percentage of Women Hires

Number of Women Directors and Managers

Number of women directors 2 (Sekisui Chemical Group)
Number of women in management positions 138 (Sekisui Chemical Group in Japan)

Percentage of Women Hires

  Entered in FY2015 Entered in FY2016 Entered in FY2017
Percentage of women hires (%) 27 31 30

New Female Hire Assignment Support Seminar

FY2016 FY2017
Number of seminar attendees 114 105

Female Subordinate Management Seminar

FY2016 FY2017
Number of training attendees 144 234

Career Development Program for Women

FY2016 FY2017
Number of program attendees Women 90 58
Superiors 77 44

Main Systems Allowing Various Workstyles and Their Use

(Number of people)
Name of system Main content   FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Childcare leave Can be taken until the end of the month in which the child reaches three years of age. (The statutory end date is until the child reaches 18 months of age.) Women 18 22 30
Men 12 14 20
Total 30 36 50
Shortened working hours for childcare Can be extended until the child starts fourth grade.
(The statutory end date is until the child reaches three years of age.)
Women 30 30 34
Men 0 0 0
Total 30 30 34
Use of flexible working hours Times of starting and finishing work may be moved earlier or later by up to 60 minutes until the child reaches junior high school age. Women 3 6 8
Men 0 1 6
Total 3 7 14
Nursing care leave Up to a total of 93 days for each individual eligible for care
(Up to a maximum of one year for the first individual eligible for care)
Women 1 0 1
Men 0 2 3
Total 1 2 4
Shortened working hours for nursing care Two days per week or 4.5 hours per day for a maximum of three years for each individual eligible for care Women 0 0 0
Men 0 1 2
Total 0 1 2
Family leave Three days of special care leave per year granted until the child or grandchild starts high school. Women 40 43 48
Men 73 77 101
Total 113 120 149
Employees whose babies were newborns in FY2017 Women 14
Men 101
Total 115
Employees who took childcare leave in FY2017 Women 11
Men 17
Total 28
Ratio of those who took childcare leave in FY2017 (excludes those who are taking maternity leave) (%) Women 100
Men 16.8
Employees who returned to work after childcare leave in FY2017 Women 12
Men 19
Total 31
Ratio of those who returned to work after childcare leave in FY2017 (%) Women 100
Men 100
Retention rate after one year of those who returned to work after having taken childcare leave in FY2016 (%) Women 100
Men 100

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (People with Disabilities)

Management Approach

Efforts to Employ People with DisabilitiesPutting in Place an Invigorating and Comfortable Workplace Environment That Is Conducive to the Hiring and Retention of Employees

We believe it important not only to hire people with disabilities, but to create an environment where those with disabilities can easily work. Recognizing that the creation of such an environment leads to a comfortable workplace, we conducted brainstorming sessions for people with disabilities on a joint Group basis, focusing not only on just employment targets, but on the importance of improving the working environment. In fiscal 2017, we sponsored workplace improvement and operational review workshops, with a focus on creating an organization conducive to the active participation of those with disabilities.

Major Initiatives

External EvaluationsKofu Sekisui Sangyo "New Diversity Management Selection 100" Winner

Group company Kofu Sekisui Sangyo Co., Ltd. employs 16 people with disabilities, including eight who are classed as having severe disabilities. These employees are assigned to departments where they can make the most of their special qualities.
The company has also prepared operating manuals filled with instructional photos, set up displays and labels that are both easy to see and follow, and put in place a framework in which all employees can carry out their duties without error. These initiatives not only encompass employees with disabilities, but also all general staff.
The efforts by Kofu Sekisui Sangyo have further helped to improve business activities through increased productivity and a reduction in claims. In fiscal 2016, in recognition of these measures, the Company received a “New Diversity Management Selection 100” award certificate from Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

So that they are easily understood, effective use is made of color photos and diagrams on work instruction manuals and equipment displays, devices that make it difficult for mistakes to be made.

Performance Data

Employment Ratio of People with Disabilities (Sekisui Chemical) *Including Special Provision Subsidiary (as of March 2018)

Indicator Calculation method
Employment ratio of people with disabilities (Number of regular workers who have physical or mental disabilities ÷ Number of regular workers) ×100

Brainstorming Sessions on Employment of People with Disabilities

Number of Participating Companies 46 companies

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Age)

Management Approach

Retaining and Utilizing Young EmployeesTraining Manager (Brother/Sister) Program

Sekisui Chemical has established a training manager (brother/sister) program aimed at enabling new employees to smoothly adapt to their assigned workplaces and quickly hit the ground running.
The role of training managers goes beyond job-related instruction to play a role in providing guidance on how adult members of society should conduct themselves while following up on new employees’ state of mind. The program also encourages training managers to leverage their experience guiding junior employees to gain a new perspective and thereby grow themselves.

Promote the Active Participation of SeniorsEnhance Initiatives Aimed at Enabling Active Roles for Employees Aged 65

In fiscal 1993, Sekisui Chemical introduced a reemployment system for employees who had reached mandatory retirement age. Since fiscal 2006 this program has been expanded to Group companies as well. A new program of training for employees aged 57 was introduced as an opportunity to think about their careers after retirement. This was the start of a new effort to enable motivated employees to remain in active employment through age 65. In October 2015, Sekisui Chemical revised its Senior Expert System, a system for reemploying elderly retirees in order to foster greater employee motivation.
We have finished putting in place systems for employees to continue working through to the age of 65 at all Group companies, ensuring that 100% of the employees that elect to do so can remain employed or be reemployed.

Major Initiatives

Career Plan Training by Age (Sekisui Chemical Group)

All employees are called to take it upon themselves to proactively display their distinctive characteristics, learn, and grow in order to realize diversity management.
To this end, faced with their orientation to work and life and distinctive characteristics, the Company is conducting career plan training by age (young employees and employees aged in their 30s, 40s, and 50s) to give employees an opportunity to consider their future careers for themselves.
From fiscal 2016, career plan training is being extended to cover all domestic Group employees. We are conducting training to draft career plans.

● Career Plan Training for Young Employees: Key Phrase “Self-leadership”

This program marks the starting line for employees’ careers. Career plan training teaches young employees ways to become the people they aspire to be by gradually cultivating values important to oneself and the ability to make independent career-oriented decisions. Employees will start to ask themselves what needs to be done while harmonizing their aspirations with the tasks (expectations) at hand.

● Career Plan Training for Employees in Their 30s: Key Phrase Self-establishment

In general, career possibilities significantly open up for employees in their 30s. Looking back at one’s work experience to date while facing one’s orientation to work and life and distinctive characteristics help to clarify those factors upon which one’s career hinges on. These employees create and take a step toward the future vision of their careers and lives while searching for approaches to work that suit them best.

● Career Plan Training for Employees in Their 40s: Key Phrase Market Value

Employees in their 40s are reaching the second half of their careers underpinned by the experience they have accumulated to date. This program enables employees in this age group to further hone their careers by reexamining their careers and lives while verifying and evaluating the level of professionalism they possess in specialized areas. Through this program, employees should be able to create a more detailed life plan going forward while taking into consideration changing social conditions.

● Career Plan Training for Employees in Their 50s: Key Phrase Continuing to Work Even After Retirement

Playing a central role in the organization, employees in their 50s are starting to hit their stride. Through this program, such employees consider how to best plan their lives and careers not only with the Company but after retirement. Employees reaffirm what they need to pass along to younger employees as a means of assessing their own values and direction along with putting into perspective their career to date.

Performance Data

Number of Elderly Employees Reemployed and Reemployment Rate (Sekisui Chemical)

FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Number of elderly employees reemployed 104 65 21
Reemployment rate(%) 82.5 83.3 63.6
  • Note: The reemployment rate for applicants is 100%.
Indicator Calculation method
Reemployment of elderly employees (Number of reemployed elderly employees ÷ number who have reached mandatory retirement age) × 100
(Number who have reached mandatory retirement age includes those who do not wish to be reemployed)

Career Plan Training by Age

Young employees In their 30s 40s 50s 57 Total number of participants
Number of participants in FY2017 107 311 360 535 116 1,429

Allowing Diverse Human Resources to Excel (Global)

Management Approach

Basic ConceptFostering Personnel Based on Conditions in Each Area

In the Medium-term Management Plan (SHIFT 2019-Fusion-), HR (Human Resources) is listed as one of the basic strategies to achieve a “new phase of growth.” Amid accelerating global business development, it is essential to make active use of diverse human resources supporting each business and to revitalize the organization in order for each company of the Sekisui Chemical Group to maintain autonomous growth. To adapt to the different business characteristics, history, management styles, lifestyle habits, as well as the various laws and regulations of each country and region, the Sekisui Chemical Group is focusing on training human resources capable of demonstrating their abilities in their respective countries and regions.

Major Initiatives

Developing Personnel Who Can Succeed on the Global StageFostering Personnel with International Experience to Ensure Sustainable Growth

As our business categories expand, the proportion of foreign sales and overseas personnel are increasing year by year. We believe that to develop as a Group, we need each and every employee of the Group working in various countries across the globe to develop themselves through their work, to learn to create and provide products and services matching the needs of each country.
This way of thinking lies at the base of our efforts to develop training programs for our human resources, programs that are firmly rooted in each area we operate in, enabling every employee to maximize his or her distinctive capabilities at their place of work. In 2017, following the U.S. and Europe, we established regional headquarters in China and several regions of the ASEAN, giving them substantial freedom to decide personnel-related matters. In addition to engagement surveys, training programs, and other initiatives organized on the Group-wide basis irrespective of regional differences, we also develop a wide range of personnel policies based on the specifics of each area including training programs, personnel systems, personnel recruitment systems or recruitment activities.

Integration and Training of Personnel Across Regional Boundaries

In fiscal 2017, to reinforce the ties of cooperation across regions regarding tasks of human resource development, we held the first Global HR Conference of managers in charge of personnel affairs of various countries including 28 overseas subsidiaries of the Group. The conference was a great success as participants put to good use the opportunity to engage in active discussions overcoming the language barriers and the differences of country of origin and addressed a wide range of issues such as how to help diverse human resources to excel, how to strengthen management base, and how to solve the problems shared by Group companies across the world. In addition to construction of a global HR network, the ideas of the participants are already being reflected in a number of personnel policies that shall pave the way for further growth, including those supporting better understanding of management philosophies of the Group in overseas subsidiaries, increasing educational opportunities across regions, and working on creation of a new infrastructure system.

Hiring Foreign Nationals

The Sekisui Chemical Group is actively hiring foreign nationals in accordance with the globalization of the Group’s businesses. In addition to hiring students who have been studying in Japan, the Company launched overseas recruitment activities in fiscal 2015. In particular, the Company focuses on engineers in India and office-based positions in Ireland and the UK. We intend to accelerate globalization by expanding the area in which we recruit new employees, acquiring the best candidates from around the world, and working with a global perspective.

Global Talent Employee SystemDeveloping Personnel to Be Immediately Effective Overseas

The Group has established a Global Talent Employee System dedicated to nurturing of global human resources that can succeed on the global stage, and about 1,700 employees of the Group working in Japan have registered with it. The participants are provided with cultural training programs and professional education necessary for working overseas, and we are currently promoting measures to create opportunities for them to actually go to other countries and gain work experience there.

Global Trainee ProgramProviding Opportunities to Succeed Overseas

The Group offers a Global Trainee Program supporting employees wishing to gain work experience overseas. Employees working in sales, accounting, product development, and some other areas with a certain achievement level are eligible to participate in the program allowing them to apply for posts at the overseas companies affiliated with the Group. In fiscal year 2017, we organized our Overseas Engineers Dispatch Program aiming at training engineers with globally competitive high-level expertise as well as Short-term Overseas Dispatch Training Program that teaches the participants to cultivate their own abilities and behavioral patterns that are required to succeed in global business. The Group shall continue expanding the programs allowing more and more employees working in various countries to gain experience in business overseas.

Performance Data

Breakdown of Number of Employees (Sekisui Chemical Group)

(Number of people)
Number of employees 26,080
Breakdown by Region
Japan 18,935
North America, South & Central America 1,482
Europe 961
Asia/Pacific (including China) 4,702

Number of Japanese Global Talent Employees

  • Indicator Calculation method
    Global talent employees Japanese employees with overseas assignment experience

Number of Participants in the Global Trainee Program

Number of participants 10