Promotion System

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is promoting ESG management on a Group-wide basis in a bid to realize both a sustainable society and sustainable growth for the Group.

Sustainability Committee and Sub-committees

In its efforts promote ESG management on a Group-wide basis, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has established the Sustainability Committee. Under the umbrella of this Committee, we have also put in place six subcommittees covering the environment, CS & Quality, human resources, safety, compliance, and cyber security

Chaired by the President, the Sustainability Committee’s membership also includes the Senior Managing Executive Officer Responsible for the ESG Management Department serving as deputy chairperson, the presidents of the Housing Company, the Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company, and the High Performance Plastics Company, and three employee representatives, including the chairperson of the central executive committee of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Labor Union. This committee meets two times each year.

The Sustainability Committee extracts risks and opportunities that the Group may face in the future, and reviews materiality as appropriate. At the same time, the committee determines Group-wide policies and KPIs formulates Groupwide action plans, and monitors that status initiatives. Discussions by the committee, major items determined, and Group-wide risks are reported to and deliberated by the Board of Directors.

Each subcommittee drafts specific measures for each divisional company based on details determined by the Sustainability Committee. These measures are incorporated into action plans and the status of progress monitored. The chairperson of each subcommittee participates in meetings of the Sustainability Committee to report on and discuss results.

To further accelerate ESG management on a Group-wide basis, we newly established the DX Sub-committee, one of the Group’s identified materialities, bringing the total number of sub-committees seven from fiscal 2021. In bolstering our sub-committee structure, each subcommittee will also include the general manager of the Medical Business, which falls under the umbrella of Corporate Headquarters. While three employee representatives have historically been appointed as members of the Sustainability Committee in order to properly reflect the opinions of staff, we intend to revise our operations to ensure a broader range of feedback, including meetings to exchange opinions between management and diverse employees.

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  • Sustainability Committee / Sub-committee Structure (to fiscal 2020)

  • Sustainability Committee / Sub-committee Structure (from fiscal 2021)