Long-term Environmental Management Vision
"Sekisui Environment Sustainability Vision 2030"

Toward the Realization of “a Planet Where Biodiversity Is Preserved”

Sekisui Chemical Group is aware that its business activities depend on resources (natural capital). Each and every executive and employee is working to develop into talented personnel with excellent environmental activity promotional skills and will engage in environmental management based on contributions in three areas to “give back more to the Earth than is taken” by 2030.

Expand and create markets for Environment-contributing Products
Reduce environmental impact
Conserve the natural environment

With a view toward the return of natural capital, energies will continue to be directed toward creating prominent value as a part of efforts to realize a planet where biodiversity is preserved.
By continuing to create this kind of value, we are confident in our ability to help resolve various issues raised as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations.

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