SDGs Initiatives

Sekisui Chemical Group's Contributions to the SDGs through its Business

In its Group Vision statement, Sekisui Chemical Group has declared that it will contribute, through its primary business activities, to “improving the global environment” and “improving the lives of people around the globe”—that is, the resolution of issues called for in the SDGs.
Hitherto, we designated products with a high degree of contribution to issue resolution as Environment-contributing Products, and strove to create and expand markets where we should increase contributions to “improving the Earth’s environment” (resolutions to issues described in SDGs Nos. 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, and 15). Since fiscal 2017, we have looked back on changes to business content and the social environment, and have declared the creation and expansion of products that heighten contributions to “improving life for everyone around the world” (resolutions to issues described in SDGs Nos. 3, 9, and 11). We will also further accelerate contributions to actualizing a sustainable world.

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Involvement History

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Environment-Contributing Products – About Expanded Definition

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SHIFT on Approach to Contributions Made by Environment-Contributing Products