Our Approach to CSR

Promoting Activities That are in Tune with Business Strategies as Part and Parcel of Efforts to Put into Effect the “3S Principles” of the Group’s Corporate Philosophy

Basic StanceCSR at the Heart of the Group’s Management Strategy

Contributing to society and creating value through its business activities, lies at the heart of Sekisui Chemical Group’s CSR activities. Put another way, promoting CSR activities is essential to realizing the Group’s vision and the “3S Principles.” By positioning CSR at the center of our management strategy, we remain convinced that we will raise the quality of corporate management.
With this understanding, we work proactively to fulfill our CSR regardless of the business environment in order to achieve sustainable growth and innovation in our businesses. We must continue to change and evolve.

Key ThemesThree Prominences, Pledge to Society, Governance, and Stakeholder Engagement

Sekisui Chemical Group has positioned CSR, and in particular "resolving social issues through business activities" as well as "promoting social responsibility in business processes" at the heart of its management strategy.

Through constructive dialogue with stakeholders, who we see as partners in the creation of value, we are working to incorporate expectations and demands into our management and operations.

Recognizing that governance provides the underlying strength for all of the Group’s operations, we are building the necessary structure and systems to earn the trust of society.

With a robust governance structure and systems as its platform, Sekisui Chemical Group maintains its pledge to society to act responsibly in terms of safety, compliance and respect for human rights, and its working environment across all business processes. Moreover, the Group will endeavor to resolve social issues through its business activities across its Three Prominences in the environment, CS & Quality, and human resources. In this manner, Sekisui Chemical Group will realize its Group Vision.

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