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Sekisui Chemical Group engages in business activities underpinned by the “3S principles” embodied in its Corporate Philosophy and is guided by its Group Vision of “contributing to the improvement of people’s lives around the world and the Earth’s environment.” To realize the Group Vision, we have endeavored to solve social issues through our prominent technology and quality while contributing to the SDGs aimed at realizing a sustainable society. Moreover, we have positioned ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) concerns at the heart of our management strategies so that we may continue to give back significantly to stakeholders by creating meaningful social value and remaining a corporate group with a strong presence.

Sekisui Chemical Group positioned fiscal 2018, the second year of its SHIFT2019 -Fusion- medium-term management plan, as a core year and worked diligently to pursue the Plan’s SHIFT (Sustainable, Human resources, Innovation, Frontier, Transformation) focus.

As a result, Sekisui Chemical Group achieved record-high net income for a sixth consecutive year owing to sales growth for high-value-added products and releasing new items. As for new businesses, we have engaged in urban development activities involving ASAKA Leadtown at the old Tokyo Plant site and saw progress in the development of large-scale biorefinery operations that transform waste into ethanol. We anticipate that these businesses will accelerate further going forward. Meanwhile, as far as the future is concerned, we assume operating conditions will remain severe on the whole, as a rapid recovery in automobile and smartphone production volumes looks unlikely, while the consumption tax hike is expected to impact new housing starts in Japan. Nevertheless, we aim for record-high profits in fiscal 2019 by pursuing M&A, strategic investment, forward-looking investment (including new product/business creation) and constant structural reform.

We are steadily advancing ESG initiatives that include acquiring certification under the SBT Initiative aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, increasing the percentage of revenue from Environment-Contributing Products that facilitate the achievement in SDGs, reducing the incidence of occupational injuries, promoting health and productivity management, expanding the legal functions of the Asia/Oceania regional headquarters, and revising our human rights policies. We will accelerate our initiatives to reach the targets under the medium-term management plan in fiscal 2019, the final year.

There are currently many unprecedented global social problems such as climate change, deteriorating social infrastructure, raw resource/energy issues, and super aging societies. However, we are confident that we can leverage our prominent technology and quality to make a significant contribution to solving these issues.

Looking ahead, Sekisui Chemical Group will implement our Corporate Philosophy “3S principles” and Group Vision to directly deal with global social problems and, in turn, help create a sustainable society.