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The Sekisui Chemical Group is involved in social issues through our outstanding technology and quality based on our Group vision of "contributing to the improvement of people's lives around the world and the Earth's environment," with the aim of managing the creation of social value while balancing the environmental, social, and economic aspects, and implementing business activities accordingly.
We aim to further increase our corporate value, based on the understanding that it is equal to economic value plus the value of the positive and negative impacts on the environment and society caused by corporate activities. In our medium-term management plan “SHIFT 2019 -Fusion-,” we are engaged in the following initiatives: “Sustainable : Establish sustainable business base from E/S/G viewpoint,” “Human Resources : Empowerment of diverse employees who support the business,” “Innovation : Create new products and new businesses with prominent technologies and quality,” “Frontier : Develop new fields, new area, and new applications,” and “Transformation : Promote transformation (strengthening earnings power) and establish strong business structure.”

Concerning our business performance in terms of economic value, in fiscal year 2017, we achieved record-high levels of profit at all stages through expanding sales of high-value added products and other means, even against headwinds, such as a rise in raw material costs. Just as planned, we were also able to pursue initiatives aimed at future growth, including launching new products, venturing into new fields, and making investments (M&A, general investments, capital expenditures, and research and development). The core keyword we are emphasizing as we proceed with our medium-term management plan is “Fusion.” We are encouraging going beyond the silos of each Company and fusing their technologies, business opportunities, talent, and other resources together within the entire Group, and we have fully laid out the results that can be expected in the future for endeavors such as the “SEKISUI Safe & Sound Project” for urban development, which brings together the total capabilities of the Sekisui Chemical Group.

Meanwhile, concerning the fiscal year 2017 CSR activities that affected our impact on the environment and society, we revised the definition and scope of contribution of our Environment-contributing Products—which also respond to what is called for in the SDGs—established an investment framework for contributing to the environment and reducing our environmental impact, created a declaration on work-style reforms, shored up our Group governance through the establishment of a new regional headquarters in Thailand, engaged in activities for making our facilities safe at the essential level, and implemented various other measures.
Progress toward our fiscal year 2017 targets in the CSR Medium-term Plan is somewhat behind schedule, but we will aim to attain our current medium-term targets through the measures we have implemented thus far and those that we will implement in fiscal year 2018 onward.

The next 30 years will see rapid changes, and it will be an era in which it is extremely unclear what might happen. However, it is certain that there will always be a need for products and services that underpin healthy lifestyles for people. Clean water, clean air, disaster-resistant and clean houses and towns, healthy bodies. It will continue to be the Sekisui Chemical Group's mission to contribute to resolving issues related to these things that no one can do without through our prominent technology and quality.
We will hold fast to our will to contribute to “people’s lives and the environment” through prominent technology and quality and act on that will. This will take the form of putting our Corporate Philosophy of the “3S Principles” and our Group Vision into practice, in line with the essence of the Sekisui Chemical Group.
We will continue to put the essence of the Sekisui Chemical Group on full display as we contribute to building a sustainable society.
We would like to thank all our stakeholders in advance for the continued support.