CSR Promotion System

Promoting CSR Across the Group as a Whole in an Effort to Increase Corporate Value

CSR Committee / Subcommittee StructureThe CSR Committee, with Participation by Top Management and Employee Representatives

As a venue for deliberation on CSR, Sekisui Chemical Group has set up the CSR Committee.
Under the umbrella of this Committee, the Group has established six subcommittees covering the environment, 
CS & Quality, human resources, safety, compliance, and cyber security.
Chaired by the President, the CSR Committee's membership also includes the Senior Managing Executive Officer Responsible for the ESG Management Department and head of Business Strategy Department serving as deputy chairperson, the presidents of the Housing Company, the Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company, and the High Performance Plastics Company, representatives from the Headquarters R&D, CS & Quality, and Human Resources Departments, and three employee representatives, including the chairperson of the central executive committee of the Sekisui Chemical Labor Union. All members of the CSR Committee are working diligently to improve committee deliberations and measures.
Meetings of the CSR Committee and each of its sub-committees are held twice a year, with key items reported on during the sub-committee meetings reviewed by the CSR Committee and reported to the Board of Directors for further deliberation.

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CSR Committee / Subcommittee Structure(~fiscal 2019)