Our Company

Globally rolling out diverse businesses that create social value based on three Group companies

Housing Company

  • Housing business
    • : Steel-framed unit housing "Sekisui Heim," wooden-framed unit housing "Sekisui Two-U Home," land for sale in lots
  • Housing Renovation business
    • : "Sekisui Fami-S"
  • Real Estate business
    • : Second-hand distribution, rental management
  • Residential Services business
    • : Homes for the elderly with services, interiors, exteriors, etc.

Business Value Chain

  • 2-004

Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company

  • Pipes and Infrastructure field
    • : PVC pipes and joints, polyethylene pipes and joints, plastic
      valves, pipe rehabilitation materials and methods, reinforced
      plastic complex pipes, water tanks
  • Building and Living environment field
    • : Construction materials (guttering, exterior materials), heat-resistant
      materials, functional mats, care instruments, bathroom
  • Advanced Materials field
    • : Decorative seats, synthetic wood (FFU), thermoplastic CFRP,
      soundproof vibration-suppressing materials, blow containers,
      farming and construction materials

Business Value Chain

  • 2-005

High Performance Plastics Company

  • Electronics fi eld
    • : Liquid crystal particles, photosensitive materials, semiconductor materials,
      optical fi lm, industrial tape
  • Automobiles and Transportation fi eld
    • : Interlayer fi lm for laminated glass, foam polyolefi ns, vehicle resin and rubber
      molded products, industrial tape, heat dissipation materials (grease
      and sheets)
  • Building and Infrastructure fi eld
    • : Functional resin for infrastructure materials, fl ame-resistant materials, foam
      polyolefi ns, non-fl ammable polyurethane, polyurethane, livestock panels
  • Life Science fi eld
    • : Reagents, examination instruments, pharmaceuticals, drug manufacture
      support business, hygiene materials
  • Other industrial fi elds
    • : Adhesives, wrapping tape, plastic containers, polyvinyl alcohol resin

Business Value Chain

  • 2-006

Sekisui Chemical Group Worldwide

  • 2-007
  • Figures current as of the end of March 31, 2019 (on a consolidated basis)

Business Data

  • 2-008
  • 2-009
  • Number of employees by region

  • Sales by region

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