Governance and Internal Control

Sekisui Chemical Group Has Put in Place Its Own Corporate Governance System That Reflects Its Divisional Company Organization System

Basic PhilosophyBasic Philosophy and Framework for Corporate Governance

Sekisui Chemical Group (the Group) has put in place a basic philosophy regarding corporate governance that lays out efforts for securing sustainable growth and increasing corporate value over the medium and long terms. To help achieve these goals, we are increasing the transparency and fairness of our management and pursuing swift decision-making and will do so while continuing to meet—through the creation of value for society that is part of our Corporate Philosophy—the needs of the five types of stakeholders the Group emphasizes: customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and local communities and the environment.

SEKISUI Corporate Governance Principles

The Company has established and disclosed the Sekisui Corporate Governance Principles for the purpose of further evolving its corporate governance initiatives and communicating our corporate governance approach and initiatives to our stakeholders.
In addition to the above Principles, the status of the Company’s initiatives and its approach with respect to all 78 items of the Corporate Governance Code, consisting of the General Principles, Principles and Supplementary Principles, are summarized and disclosed in the form of the Initiatives to Each of Principles of the Corporate Governance Code.