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Implemented Environment Education Initiatives for the Children of Group Employees

Major Initiatives

Initiatives of the Sekisui Chemical GroupGlobal Children’s ECO Summit 2017 Held

The Global Children's ECO Summit 2017 was convened as an event to help educate children who will lead the next generation about the environment, in conjunction with Sekisui Chemical's 70th anniversary over a seven-day period from July 31, 2017. A total of 47 children from the families of Sekisui Chemical's Group employees in 13 countries around the world were invited to participate in environmental exchanges and presentations.

Principal Theme: "What Children Can Do Themselves for the Future"

In kicking off the Summit, participants gained an insight into the global scale issues that continue to prevail today, with a focus on the natural environment, which provides the foundation for the Group's aspirations toward sustainability management.

To provide participants with the opportunity to experience Japan's natural environment fi rst-hand, tours to observe tidal fl ats and investigate creatures in their natural habitats were then organized. These initiatives helped showcase the importance of conserving the natural environment. During the Summit, participants were also able to visit Group company plants, view certain unique environmental contribution activities and take home hints on how to conserve the natural environment at the Group's global business sites.

Based on these experiences and the initiatives being undertaken in the countries and regions in which the children reside, discussions were held on what needs to be done to conserve the natural environment for future generations and more specifi cally on what each individual can do to help secure a bright and sustainable future.

Finally, the children who participated in the event presented a declaration concerning the actions they would take in relation to the environment and offered environmental suggestions to the adults, including their parents. President Koge responded to the declaration and the suggestions with his own declaration: "We will go on to provide environmental education for the next generation around the globe."

  • Observing living creatures at the Yatsu tidal fl ats

  • Plant tour

  • A group discussion on what each individual can do to help secure a bright and sustainable future

  • Declaration toward the environment and environmental proposals put forward by children participating in the Summit

Commitment by President Koge

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