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At SHIKOKU SEKISUI, a science course on the theme of “substances around us” is being implemented for 7th graders at a neighboring middle school. This initiative has been implemented every year since fiscal year 2009 in response to a request from the local middle school in response to children’s decreasing interest in the sciences, “as professionals in the field, please help us increase students’ interest in science, even in a small way.”

After an experiment using plastic conducted as part of the “substances around us” lesson for 7th grade students, they were also invited on a study tour of the plant. The participating students saw the actual production line for plastic products up close, felt the raw materials used for plastics as well as the finished products, and experienced the sight of a manufacturing facility for themselves, a rarity in their daily lives. 54 students participated in fiscal year 2018. We will continue these activities in the future with the goal of increasing the next generation of children’s interest in MONOZUKURI (manufacturing).

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SHIKOKU SEKISUI Co., Ltd. employee explaining the process for the experiment