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High Performance Plastics Company InitiativesScience and Engineering Classroom

At Sekisui Medical, we have been implementing a “Science and Engineering Classroom” for middle school students in the city of Ryugasaki, Ibaraki prefecture, the site of our diagnostic agent plant and laboratory, as part of our local contribution activities since fiscal year 2013. Classes have been implemented for a total of 2,022 students in the program since 2013 (185 of them in fiscal year 2018). We implemented a program for 9th grade students in fiscal year 2018 called “Blueprints of Life: Exploring the Secrets of DNA.”

The “Exploring the Secrets of DNA” program was a developmental lesson from the textbook, and in addition to extracting real DNA from broccoli and viewing it with their own eyes, participants also learned about and understood the importance of DNA and genetic research and its link to society.

The reagents that Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. researches, develops, and manufactures are bound to society through their use in medicine. The junior high school students thus saw how such societal contributions are direct extensions of the science classes they take at school. The company plans to continue these activities.

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Students performing experiments while being advised by employees from Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd