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Since fiscal year 2013, Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. has held “Science Classrooms” with the theme of “how digestion and nutrient absorption work and health” for eighth-grade middle school students in the city of Ryugasaki, Ibaraki Prefecture, where the Company's reagent plant and research facility are located. During the five-year period through 2017, a total of 1,376 students attended these Science Classrooms.

The company started developing a program titled “The Blueprints of Life: Exploring the Secrets of DNA” aimed at ninth-grade middle school students. In fiscal year 2016 a test class was conducted with 232 students from the same middle school as the previous educational initiative, with the full launch of the completed program, this time attended by 229 students, happening again at the same school in fiscal year 2017.

In the “digestion and nutrient absorption” program, students gain an understanding of, for example, how starches are broken down into glucose by digestive enzymes and that glucose is then absorbed through the small intestine using models and experiments. In the “exploring the secrets of DNA” program, the students extract actual DNA from broccoli—the extracted nucleic acids visible to the naked eye—and learn about the importance of research into DNA and genetics and how it relates to society at large.

The reagents that Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. researches, develops, and manufactures are bound to society through their use in medicine. The junior high school students thus saw how such societal contributions are direct extensions of the science classes they take at school. The company plans to continue these activities.

Students performing experiments while being advised by
employees from Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.