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Fostering the Next Generation Through Programs Based on the Characteristics of Our Businesses.

Major Initiatives

Initiatives of the Housing CompanyHouses and the Environment Learning Program

At the Housing Company, we have run a “houses and environment” learning program since fiscal year 2007 in which employees make use of their knowledge to teach about homes and the environment at schools. This is a new type of class where Sekisui Chemical Group employees work alongside teachers. The classes are carefully designed to let the students experience the building of environmentally friendly homes using models while thinking about the layouts and other aspects of the homes through group discussions; and the students learn about the role that homes play in our lives and about the impact that our lives have on the environment. In fiscal year 2018, classes were offered at 18 junior high schools and high schools in the Kanto, Kansai, Chubu, and Kyushu areas. One of the students who took the class said, “When I build a house of my own in the future, I want it to be a house that prioritizes the environment and safety first, even over design or ease of use.” Another student said, “I was interested in construction work, and now I am even more interested after taking this class.” These were just two of the remarks we heard from those who took the classes. A teachers said, “The students were very interested in this assignment because they could use kits to build model homes, following on from a previous class that also used visual materials. I believe this is precisely the active learning that is being promoted by the Ministry of Education.” A total of 1,544 students participated in the classes in fiscal year 2018.

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Children assembling model housing kits