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Major Initiatives

High Performance Plastics Company InitiativesChemistry Classroom for Children

At the Sekisui Minakuchi Kako Co., Ltd., the “Challenge! Chemistry Classroom for Children” initiative for elementary school students in the local city of Koka is being carried out with the goal of revitalizing the local area and supporting the development of the children.

Although these activities have been held every year on a limited basis restricted to the families of employees since 2009, the Company partnered with a welfare organization in Koka, Shiga prefecture (Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union Center) starting in fiscal year 2016 and has included them in a children’s event hosted by this organization so that more children could participate and experience the depth of science and the fun of experiments for themselves.

At the Company’s 3rd exhibition at the children’s event in fiscal year 2018, the concept was “conducting a fun and playful experiment using familiar materials that helps participants discover new things.” The activity implemented “making bouncy balls.” By adding salt to laundry starch (PVA* solution), the PVA was extracted and using a salting-out reaction, causing a solid to form from the solution via a chemical reaction. Many of the children shouted excitedly and asked lots of questions, and the experiment was well-received.

The employees who participated as staff tried to come up with a way to explain the experiment content in a simple way that anyone could understand through trial and error, finally developing an explanation covering aspects ranging from the structure of the compounds on the molecular level to the salting-out reaction using lots of illustrations. Many of the employees stated that the experience of communicating with a different generation in this way gave them feelings of “achievement and satisfaction.”

We hope to continue providing academic support through even better content in the future, encouraging the children who participate to take an interest in chemistry.

  • PVA: polyvinyl alcohol
  • 9-092

Explanation of the salting-out reaction with theme of “easy to understand and fun”