Chemistry Classroom Project

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High Performance Plastics Company InitiativesChemistry Classroom Project

Since fiscal year 2008, the High Performance Plastics Company has been holding “Children's Experiment Classrooms” for elementary school students and “Drop-In Chemistry Classes” for middle-school students. Volunteer staff members from the Minase office develop the lesson programs with teachers from schools and strive to provide “easy-to-understand lessons linked to teachers’ lesson plans” that are interesting without being unconnected to the schools’ curricula. During fiscal year 2017, a total of 2,532 elementary and middle school students got to experience the fun and utility of chemistry.

In response to a request from Higashikurume Tyuou Junior High School, the Company launched a new initiative, providing an experimental class for the school’s extracurricular science club. Students with a strong interest in science thus got to enjoy participating in chemistry experiments using real laboratory instruments.

The company plans to continue these activities to allow even more children to become interested in, and fascinated by, the field of chemistry.

In-class explanations by employees of the Sekisui Chemical
Co., Ltd. High Performance Plastics Company