Next Generation

Fostering the Next Generation Through Programs Based on the Characteristics of Our Businesses.

Major Initiatives

High Performance Plastics Company InitiativesChemistry Classroom Project

At the High Performance Plastics Company, the “Children’s Experiment Classrooms” for elementary school students and “Experiment-based Support Class” for middle school students have been conducted using the Company’s products since fiscal year 2008. For the “Experiment-based Support Class” program, volunteers from the Minase Office developed the classes along with the middle school teachers and provided a program that was not just interesting but also easy to understand, by linking to the school’s curriculum units. In fiscal year 2018, a total of 2,538 elementary and middle school students experienced the fun and usefulness of science through these programs.

In addition, the Company exhibited at the “Utaya no Mori Festival” sponsored by the city of Hasuda in Saitama Prefecture as a new initiative with employees from Musashi Plant, one of the Company’s main production facilities, taking on the main role. Using the “softron” polyolefin foam manufactured at this facility, we allowed the children who came to the exhibition to experience the cushioning and insulation properties of the material.

The company plans to continue these activities to allow even more children to become interested in, and fascinated by, the field of chemistry.

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In-class explanations by employees of Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. High Performance Plastics Company