Holding of Adhesives Classroom

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High Performance Plastics Company InitiativesHolding of Adhesives Classroom

As an initiative aimed at supporting next-generation education leveraging its business, Sekisui Fuller Co., Ltd., in cooperation with City Hall in Hamamatsu—where its Hamamatsu plant is located—and the city's "Collaboration Centers," started holding "adhesives classrooms" for elementary school students in fiscal year 2017.

With the aim of getting children interested in science and technology and building things through learning the principles of adhesives, the classes were themed around getting the children to think, "Wow! I didn’t know adhesives were used for that!" The way adhesives work was explained using vocabulary easy for the children to understand, breaking the explanation of adhesives down into the three stages of flowing, seeping into the things to which they are applied, and hardening and using onomatopoeia to represent each stage. The children were also impressed by experiments in which they learned the principles of adhesives using familiar objects, such as candies, gel nail decorations, and candles.

During fiscal year 2017, a total of 4 classes were held, attended by 79 elementary school students and their guardians. The company plans to enhance the lesson content even more to bring smiles to the faces of the children who participate.

Employees from Sekisui Fuller Co., Ltd. providing explanations to children