Developing Personnel Who Engage in Environmental Activities as a Part of Efforts to Conserve the Natural Environment in Various Regions Around the World

Major Initiatives

Environmental Education for the Next Generation “Children’s Nature Academies”Observing living creatures in natural environments familiar to children (Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture)

Higashinihon Sekisui Industry (main plant) is located in the city of Isesaki, and the Company is carrying out “Gunma Children’s Nature Academy” activities in cooperation with the local Shimofuchina 6-ku Healthy Development Society to teach children about the importance of familiar creatures and natural environments.

In October 2018, the Company carried out nature game and animal observation activities at a park adjacent to the plant with a total of 50 participants, mainly elementary school students from the Healthy Development Society and their guardians but also including family members of plant employees. Participants developed their observation and concentration abilities while enjoying the nature games and also found, observed, and learned about real living creatures such as dragonflies and frogs. All of the participants jointly experienced the diverse array of life in the familiar natural environment where the event was held and had a meaningful experience.

We hope to continue creating opportunities for learning and experiencing nature together with children in the local area.

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  • Polishing nature observation skills through
    nature games

  • Finding living creatures along with the children