Environmental Education for the Next Generation “Children’s Nature Academies”

Developing Personnel Who Engage in Environmental Activities as a Part of Efforts to Conserve the Natural Environment in Various Regions Around the World

Major Initiatives

Environmental Education for the Next Generation “Children’s Nature Academies” Conservation Activities on the Omotehama Coast / Prevention of Sand Drift

Since 2003, the Sekisui Heim Industry’s Chubu office in the city of Toyohashi has worked with a group of local children to increase their understanding of the flora and fauna they are most likely to encounter and the natural environment and has been holding “Children’s Nature Academies” to ensure that the importance of these subjects is passed down to the next generation of children.

In November of fiscal 2017, under the instruction of an NPO, we built and installed sand fences (fences that prevent sand from blowing away from sandy beaches) using bamboo on Omotehama Beach, located on the Pacific Ocean side of Atsumi Peninsula. Omotehama Beach is known as a site where loggerhead turtles, an endangered species, come ashore to lay their eggs. We learned from the NPO, however, that recently these sandy beaches have been receding and the number of loggerhead turtles that come ashore has decreased. In order to help preserve coastal ecosystems, including those of loggerhead turtles, we will continue to learn along with children and hope to protect local environments through our conservation activities.

A member of the NPO speaks on
loggerhead turtles

Making sand fences on the