Forest Preservation Activities by our Local Housing Companies

Developing Personnel Who Engage in Environmental Activities as a Part of Efforts to Conserve the Natural Environment in Various Regions Around the World

Major Initiatives

Forest Preservation Activities by our Local Housing CompaniesWoodland Conservation Activities at Kaseyama, Kizugawa

The Sekisui Heim Group is engaged in regional woodland conservation activities in seven areas across Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

In the Kinki region, the Sekisui Heim Kinki Group has been working in collaboration with Kizugawa City and local civic organizations in bamboo grove conservation activities since 2014 as part of its effort to preserve woodlands in the city-owned Kaseyama area of Kizugawa City. The group participated in two conservation and maintenance activities in fiscal 2017, one in spring and one in autumn.

The May 11 project in spring involved 43 new employees and focused on thinning the bamboo grove. Participants also took on the challenge of creating a bench using the bamboo. After the project was completed, participants talked about the state of the woodlands and its function. The experience presented a good opportunity to think about the importance of familiar natural environments.

Participants were reminded by the activity that their daily lives and company activities were supported by the natural environment around them and noted that they would like to be involved in other activities in the future as members of the community.

Sekisui Heim Company Activities

  • Hokkaido Sekisui Heim Group
    Mt. Shirahata conservation activities
    (Sapporo City)

  • Sekisui Heim Tohoku Group
    Restoration of coastal forests in Miyagi
    Prefecture (Town of Yamamoto)

  • Tokyo Sekisui Heim Group
    Conservation of human settlement-adjacent
    mountain ecosystems in the Tama Region
    (Hino City)

  • Sekisui Heim Chubu Group
    Conservation of human settlement-adjacent
    mountain ecosystems in the Higashiyama
    neighborhood (Nagoya City)

  • Sekisui Heim Chushikoku Group
    Woodland conservation activities in
    city-owned forests (Akaiwa City)

  • Sekisui Heim Kyushu Group
    Conservation of rice paddy-adjacent
    mountain ecosystems (Ukiha City)