Developing Personnel Who Engage in Environmental Activities as a Part of Efforts to Conserve the Natural Environment in Various Regions Around the World

Major Initiatives

Forest Preservation Activities by our Housing CompanyRestoration of Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi Prefecture Coastal Forest Areas (Sekisui Heim Tohoku Group)

The Sekisui Heim Group is engaged in regional woodland conservation activities in seven areas across Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

As one of these initiatives, the Sekisui Heim Tohoku Group has been involved in activities in the Tohoku area for the restoration of coastal forest areas in Yamamoto-cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi Prefecture destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake since 2015, in cooperation with the Disaster Area Uncultivated Land Relief and Regional Seedling Production Network. In fiscal year 2018, the Group participated in the spring tree-planting festival and fall seedling-making activities.

For the tree-planting activities on May 27th, a total of 54 members of the next generation, mainly Nagano University students but also including local elementary school students, participated along with 64 Sekisui Heim Tohoku Group employees (total participants: 118) and planted 120 hardwood seedlings which were raised over a 3-year period. In addition, company employees took part in acorn collection and cultivating new seedlings from the acorns at the Shonen no Mori (Boy's Forest) at the base of Mt. Shinzan in Yamamoto-cho in October. We hope that someday the area will be a lush coastal forest where various different creatures gather and live.

We will continue to value interactions with many people and carry out activities which contribute to local society.

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“Tanepuru Tree-planting Festival” coastal tree-planting activities

Making seedlings from acorns

Main Environmental Conservation Activities of Various Sekisui Heim Companies

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  • Hokkaido Sekisui Heim Group
    Mt. Shirahata conservation activities
    (Sapporo City)

  • Tokyo Sekisui Heim Group
    Conservation of human settlement-adjacent mountain ecosystems in the Tama Region (Hino City)

  • Sekisui Heim Chubu Group
    Conservation of human settlement-adjacent mountain ecosystems in the Higashiyama neighborhood (Nagoya City)

  • Sekisui Heim Kinki Group
    Mt. Kaseyama conservation activities
    (Kizugawa City)

  • nd conservation activities in city-owned forests (Akaiwa City)

  • Sekisui Heim Kyushu Group
    Conservation of rice paddy-adjacent mountain ecosystems (Ukiha City)