Developing Personnel Who Engage in Environmental Activities as a Part of Efforts to Conserve the Natural Environment in Various Regions Around the World

Major Initiatives

Conservation of Local BiodiversityConservation activities at Yadaijin Suigen in cooperation with the local area (Ota City, Gunma Prefecture)

In order to preserve Yadaijin Suigen, the water source of the Ishidagawa River which runs adjacent to the plant site, the Toto Sekisui Co., Ltd. Ota Plant is conducting maintenance activities for the surrounding environment in cooperation with residents of the local area.

The area around the water source is called Yadaijin Hotaru no Sato, and the spring water area in the northwest and Yadaijin swamp in the south are well-known in the local area. A rare species of red algae (endangered species type II) called Batrachospermum japonicum Mori lives in the spring water area, and the site is thought to have been located in the ocean in the past. In order to preserve the environment of Yadaijin Suigen, company employees cooperate with local residents to carry out weeding and garbage removal every year in July, replenishing fluids with local watermelon during break times and deepening their bonds through interaction. This fiscal year, there were participants from other Sekisui Chemical Group member companies as well (Gunma Sekisui Heim, Sekisui Board Gunma Office), and the event was also an opportunity for interaction within the Group.

We hope to restore the site to a proper habitat for fireflies by continuing these activities in the future.

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