As a Company, We Aim to Engage with the Local Communities Which We Are a Part of.

Major Initiatives

Initiatives of the Sekisui Chemical GroupTABLE FOR TWO

As a social contribution activity that allows easy participation by individual employees, the Sekisui Chemical Group has continued to implement the TABLE FOR TWO* (TFT) initiative since FY2008, a program in which 20 yen is added to the cost of a meal in employee cafeterias, with this amount donated to support the provision of lunches to children in developing countries. Furthermore, TFT was expanded, from April 2013 to December 2014, to "TABLE FOR TWO+Tohoku," in order to support the provision of food to roughly the equivalent of 650,000 yen to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in the Tohoku region.
In fiscal 2017, 12 locations participated in the program, including the Sekisui Chemical headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka, the Gunma Plant, the Musashi Plant, the Tsukuba Office, the Shiga-Minakuchi Plant, the Kyoto Research and Development Laboratories, the Research and Development Institute, Kinki Sekisui Heim, Co., Ltd., Kyushu Sekisui Heim Industry, Co., Ltd., Sekisui Board, Co., Ltd., and the Ota Plant of Toto Sekisui Co., Ltd. In fiscal 2017, approximately 560,000 yen was donated for food assistance to countries in Asia and Africa, bringing the total amount donated since the program began to more than roughly 4.1 million yen.

    A social contribution activity implemented through everyday meals by the specified nonprofit corporation, TABLE FOR TWO International. The program not only feeds hungry children in developing countries by providing them with school lunches, but it also contributes to boosting attendance at schools, and improving academic performance and physical fitness. TABLE FOR TWO+Tohoku was enacted from 2013 to 2014 to provide food support to not only children in developing countries, but also to those impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Meal support activities for Asia and Africa were launched in January 2015.

Letter of Appreciation Received from the Specified Nonprofit Corporation TABLE FOR TWO International Recognizing Sekisui Chemical Group as a "Gold Supporter"

Once again in the 2017 fiscal year, Sekisui Chemical Group received a letter of appreciation from the specified nonprofit corporation TABLE FOR TWO International recognizing us as a "Gold Supporter" for our TFT activities. We will continue carrying out these activities in the future, supporting a stable food supply for children in developing countries.

Letter of Appreciation from TABLE FOR TWO International

Initiatives of the Sekisui Chemical GroupInstallation of TABLE FOR TWO Vending Machines

In order to enable as many employees as possible to participate in the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) initiative, the Sekisui Chemical Group installed the first vending machine linked to the TFT program at its Osaka Headquarters in July 2013. For each TFT-linked product purchased through this vending machine, 10 yen is donated to help fund meals and catering to schools in developing countries. Donations collected totaled around 60,000 yen in fiscal 2017.