Activities to Improve Civic Order in Regions

As a Company, We Aim to Engage with the Local Communities Which We Are a Part of.

Major Initiatives

Initiatives of the Housing CompanyActivities to Improve Civic Order in Regions

The Housing Company believes that it is essential that it contribute to resolving societal problems, such as by offering housing that is robustly built to survive natural disasters and decked out in ways that help prevent crime, and working on urban-development initiatives that allow residents to leave in peace, as well as on initiatives to deter crime. The Housing Company is thus engaged in activities that contribute to society in cooperation with prefectural police forces throughout Japan.
The main action pursued is to create agreements for support and cooperation between Sekisui Heim sales companies throughout the country and local police forces. The Housing Company also participates in various events, distributes goods themed around crime prevention and traffic safety, and donates to groups that offer assistance to victimes of crimes.
Specifically, the Company distributes educational flyers intended, for example, to prevent people from falling prey to money-wiring fraud, leverages its display home units as police-sanctioned temporary shelters for children who encounter danger, donates “emergency whistles" (Emergency Calls) to police stations to distribute to mountain climbers, engages in activities about the town to raise awareness about traffic safety, and is involved in various other initiatives, all tailored to the unique circumstances in each local community.
The company has created a pamphlet describing these activities and makes use of it as a communication tool both within the Company and for the general public.

Sekisui Heim Chushikoku Co., Ltd., Hiroshima Office Fans to raise awareness of bank transfer fraud

Sekisui Heim Shin-Etsu Co., Ltd. and Sekisui Fami S Shinetsu Co., Ltd.
Raising awareness of traffic safety on roads

  • Company Name-Emblazoned Emergency Whistles from Hokkaido Sekisui Heim Co., Ltd.

  • Hokkaido Sekisui Heim Co., Ltd donates 200 emergency whistles emblazoned with the company name

Pamphlet describing the Housing Company's CSR activities
(Issued in April 2018)