Local Communities

As a Company, We Aim to Engage with the Local Communities Which We Are a Part of.

Major Initiatives

Initiatives of Sekisui Chemical GroupProviding Medical Services to Villagers in India

In the areas of India where SEKISUI DLJM MOLDING PRIVATE LTD. (DLJM) does its business, the lack of availability of medical care for residents is a social problem. In response to these conditions, an NGO called PHD Rural Development Foundation is engaged in activities which provide mobile medical services (medical camps) by loading small trucks with medicine, stretchers, diagnostic equipment, and other medical supplies and traveling to areas where medical facilities are insufficient.

In fiscal year 2018, DLJM supported these activities by both providing financial aid and taking part in processes such as selection of sites for medical camp visits and scheduling. For example, when a site for setting up a medical camp was being determined, DLJM shared its opinions based on survey data with the NGO, and the two organizations worked together to choose villages with comparatively low medical facility access and awareness of sanitation and hygiene. As a result of these efforts, medical camps were set up at 4 of the villages near DLJM’s offices.

At these 4 villages, 3 different types of medical camps (general, women and children focused, and specialized eye care camps) have been set up a total of 23 times as of January 2019, and approximately 2,300 people have been able to receive examinations, medication, and other treatment free of charge. DLJM will continue to carry out activities which contribute to the local community in the 3 fields of health, education, and livelihoods.

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Villagers receiving examinations at a medical camp