Creating Attractive Products and Services

In SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group, we promote the development of personnel, frameworks, and corporate culture for the creation of attractive qualities to ensure our customers will continue to select our products and services, striving for the achievement of CS & Quality Management.

Management Approach

Measures to Create Attractive Qualities

CS & Quality Seminars (Attractive Qualities Themes)

For CS & Quality Seminars, we invite experts from a variety of fields outside the Company to give lectures with the intention of improving awareness of CS & Quality. Held several times a year, the lectures are split into Attractive Qualities themes about creating attractive quality and Basic Qualities themes to strengthen core quality. A total of 58 seminars have been held from the first event in 2001 through to the end of fiscal 2020.
At the Attractive Qualities Seminar, lectures are held on a wide range of themes featuring prominent figures involved in developing human resources and organizations for the creation of attractive products and services, as well as product planning and development personnel involved with hit products and long sellers at other companies.
In fiscal 2020, two sessions were held on the themes of “Communication” and “Motivation,” which were easily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the events were held with participant restrictions rather than the usual approach in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections, with a simultaneous live stream of the proceedings implemented.

  • 15-06
  • 15-07
    • July 22, 2020
      “Pep Talk ‘Magic Words for Building Motivation’”
      Japan Pep Talk Diffusion Society
      Yoshizumi Iwasaki,
      Representative Director
    • December 3, 2020
      “Creating a Workplace Environment Where Everyone Shines:
      Improve Your Compliment Communication Skills”
      CINQSMILE Inc.
      Haruki Atarashi,
      Representative Director and CEO

Telephone Service Training

As part of efforts to improve customer satisfaction, the Customer Consultation Office has been conducting telephone service training, consisting of the office’s staff visiting various other departments and acting as instructors, since fiscal 2008. The goal of these training sessions is to horizontally expand the customer telephone service skills that are cultivated by the members of the Customer Consultation Office in their day-to-day business operations throughout various departments within the Group.
Also, we have been implementing phone call handling training sessions in an e-learning format instead of the traditional in-person style since fiscal 2018.

In fiscal 2020, we implemented remote phone call handling training for a portion of the new employees at the High Performance Plastics Company to enable them to improve their phone skills in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We have also created video learning materials for training normally handled with group training to enable individual employees to improve their skill levels, and the application of these materials will be expanded in fiscal 2021 and beyond.
In addition, we are drafting a new manners handbook for cell phone calls, an issue for which consultations are on the rise in recent years.

CS & Quality Assessment to Measure the Penetration of CS & Quality Management

Since fiscal 2012, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has implemented a CS & Quality Assessment (questionnaire survey) for domestic employees once every two years. The results of this survey are provided as feedback to top management and executives at each branch location. Since fiscal 2015, this survey has also been implemented in China, and we are currently aiming to expand it to other overseas locations.
In fiscal 2020, the 5th CS & Quality Assessment was implemented for domestic employees, and there were a total of 17,633 respondents.
This time, a workshop was implemented covering how to connect to the next step based on these survey results, with a special focus on production facilities.

Improve the Responsiveness of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Customer Consultation Office

The staff of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Customer Consultation Office responds to questions, concerns, opinions, requests, and other inquiries from customers.
In order to answer customer questions on the spot to the greatest extent possible, we ensure all employees in the Customer Consultation Office possess sufficient knowledge of our products and technology.
In fiscal 2020, Customer Consultation Office staff took an external phone call handling test to measure their customer service ability objectively, enabling each employee to get a sense of their own skill level.
We will continue to make efforts to improve in phone call handling skills within our Customer Consultation Office, promoting initiatives with the goal of becoming a trusted company for our customers.

Publication of VOICE and VOICE PLUS That Summarize Customer Feedback

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s Customer Consultation Office receives over 10,000 inquiries and comments every year. SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group directly answers each inquiry and analyzes the factors that motivated the customer to make the inquiry in the first place, in order to discover the hidden needs of customers.
“VOICE” is our yearly bulletin launched in fiscal 2015. This publication collects the comments received by the Customer Consultation Office with the intent of promoting understanding of the expansion of all Group business, extending beyond the boundaries of each employee’s working area, as well as developing a corporate culture of CS & Quality for all employees.
In addition, we also launched another bulletin in fiscal 2018, “VOICE+,” which is a special online issue of “VOICE.” This publication provides additional information about activities which could not be sufficiently covered in “VOICE” and also shares hints for customer service.
In fiscal 2020, we published one issue each of “VOICE” and “VOICE+.”

  • 15-08
  • 15-09

Implementing Customer Questionnaires at the Housing Company

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s Housing Company conducts CS surveys of customers for whom it has built Sekisui Heim homes. The feedback from the customers who kindly respond to the surveys is broadly shared throughout the Company and used in product development and in improvements in the quality of the Group’s services for its customers. Details of any customer dissatisfaction are closely assessed, and steps then taken to change dissatisfaction into satisfaction. In fiscal 2020, customers who had responded that they were “very satisfied” reached 74.8%.

STAR 55 Bulletin* Highlights Good Examples of CS & Quality for Group Employees

In 2002, its 55th anniversary, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group implemented STAR 55 as a program to promote CS throughout the Company and declared CS to be positioned as the foundation of management for all employees. So that the
STAR 55 activities did not lose momentum, in 2006 we also issued the first STAR 55 Bulletin, a newsletter compilation of excellent case studies for CS & Quality for Group employees. We have continued to publish STAR 55 Bulletin since fiscal 2006.
Issued three times in fiscal 2020, mainly introducing various innovations implemented on worksites as COVID-19 pandemic countermeasures.

STAR 55 Bulletin No.’s 43, 44, and 45

  • 15-10
  • 15-11
  • 15-12
    • Vol.43
    • Vol.44
    • Vol.45
  • Note:
    Origin of the name: STAR 55 Bulletin
    S = Sekisui,
    T = Trust,
    A = Action,
    R = Revolution,
    STAR = Leader,
    55 = 55th anniversary since founding.

    The name “STAR 55” expresses the promise that all employees in SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group (S) will earn the trust (T) of customers through their actions (A) and the Group as a whole will create revolution (R) through innovation of its corporate culture and character, as well as the desire for each employee to take a leading role (be a STAR) in their work.
Performance Data

Data Related to Support Improvement at the Customer Consultation Office

  • 15-013

Number of Incoming Calls, etc., from Customers

Indicator Calculation Method
Number of incoming calls, etc. Number of inquiries by telephone, email, letters, faxes, and other means
  • 15-015

Breakdown of incoming calls (Sekisui Chemical)

Indicator Calculation Method
Breakdown of incoming calls The subjects of incoming calls are recorded on “Insider Net” and categorized as follows:
  • General inquiries: questions about SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group product specifications, how to use products, construction methods, stores selling the products, and services such as repairs
  • Complaints and dissatisfactions: Incidents during which customers expressed their dissatisfaction or lodged rebukes concerning SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group products or services
  • Compliments: Calls during which praise was received for satisfaction with the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group's products or services
  • Needs and expectations: What customers require of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group products and services (product improvements and new products, etc.), and inquiries relating to business activities, or comments on what is expected of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group
  • Note: “Insider Net”:
    A SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group intranet site on which details of incoming calls to the Customer Consultation Office are released in real-time.

Data Relating to Employee CS & Quality Assessments

Overview of Domestic Employee CS & Quality Assessments

  Total Number of Responses Number of Feedback Visit Sites
FY2012 8,399
FY2014 8,957 63
FY2016 16,243 94
FY2018 19,765 99
FY2020 17,633 39
  • Implemented for domestic employees once every two years.
  • In fiscal 2020, visits (including online visits) were carried out for specific purposes with the assessment results in mind.
  • The number of visit sites counts each address as one site, with the exception of headquarters and research institutes.
    Example: Since Hokkaido Sekisui Heim and Hokkaido Sekisui Fami S have the same address, they are counted as a single visit.

Data Relating to Customer Surveys

  • 15-49

CS Questionnaire 7-Step Evaluation (Housing Company)