Results / Financial Affairs

  • Could you summarize Sekisui's most recent operating results?

    For more information, see Sekisui's Earnings Report.

  • Where can I find comparative operating results for previous fiscal years?

    They are available in the graphs in "Performance Trends". In addition, you will find numerical data of past performances in the "Fact Book".

  • Where can I view Sekisui's latest presentation of financial results?

    You can download "Materials for Presentation" from the Presentation page.

  • Where can I find a copy of Sekisui's most recent Integrated Report?

    The latest Integrated Report is available here.

  • When will Sekisui hold its next presentation of operating results?

    Sekisui presents results on a quarterly basis. Please consult the IR Calendar for the next scheduled presentation of financial results.

Concerning Stock

  • What is Sekisui's securities code?