Outline of SEKISUI


Establishment March 3, 1947
Paid-up Capital 100,002 million yen
Chairman of the Board and Representative Director Teiji Koge
President and Representative Director Keita Kato
Number of Employees 27,003 (for the term ended March 2020; on a consolidated basis)
Net Sales 1,129,254million yen (for the term ended March 2020; on a consolidated basis)
Operating Income 87,768 million yen(for the term ended March 2020; on a consolidated basis)
Ordinary Income 86,996 million yen(for the term ended March 2020; on a consolidated basis
Net Income Attributable to Owners of Parent 58,931 million yen (for the term ended March 2020; on a consolidated basis)
Corporate Headquarters

Main Businesses

High Performance Plastics Company

Electronics LCD fine particles, photosensitive materials, semiconductor materials, optical film, industrial tapes
Mobility Interlayer films for laminated glass, polyolefin foam, resins for vehicle use, rubber molded products, industrial tapes, heat release materials(grease・sheet),carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) composite mold materials
Building and Infrastructure Materials Functional resins for infrastructure, fire-resistant materials, polyolefin foam, non-flammable polyurethane, polyurethane, stockbreeding panels
Industry Adhesives, packaging tapes, plastic containers, polyvinyl alcohol resin, hygiene materials

Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company

Piping and Infrastructure PVC pipes and fittings, polyethylene pipes and fittings, plastic valves, pipeline renewal materials and methods, reinforced plastic composite pipes, repair and reinforcement materials for infrastructure, water storage tanks
Building and Living Environment Building materials (rain gutters, exterior materials), functional tatami, nursing-care/self-reliance equipment, unit baths
Advanced Materials High grade plastic sheet, fiber-reinforced foamed urethane (FFU), thermoplastic CFRP, soundproof material, blow mold container, agriculture and construction materials

Housing Company

SEKISUI HEIM steel frame modular and wooden frame modular housing, apartments, building lots
Housing Renovation
Real Estate Circulation of secondhand housing, apartment leasing & management
Residential Services
Elderly housing with supportive services, long term care service, interior/exterior decoration
Power trading service
Town and Community Development Business
Ready-built apartment(Condominium) HEIM SUITE

Medical Business

Diagnostics In-vitro Diagnostics reagents, analyzers
Pharmaceutical Sciences Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and pharmaceutical intermediates, drug development solutions, enzymes materials

Other Business

Products and services not listed in the above Companies, such as film-type lithium-ion batteries.