Toward Further Growth

Innovation for the Earth

Charting a further leap 10 years into the future, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group launched its Long-term Vision, “VISION 2030,” in 2020. For the three years from FY2023, we are working on our mid-term management plan "Drive 2.0", which is positioned as a very important second step toward the realization of "Vision 2030"

Presentation of the FY2023-2025 Medium-term Management Plan, Drive 2.0 (May 23, 2023)

Presentation Video 50:40


  • Review of the Previous Medium-term Management Plan, Drive 2022
    FY2023-2025 Medium-term Management Plan, Drive 2.0
    Keita Kato, President
  • HPP Company
    Ikusuke Shimizu, Company President
  • Housing Company
    Toshiyuki Kamiyoshi, Company President
  • UIEP Company
    Yoshiyuki Hirai, Company President
  • Medical Business
    Futoshi Kamiwaki, Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer

VISION 2030 Innovation for the Earth
In order to realize sustainable society, we support the basis of LIFE and will continue to create “peace of mind for the future.”

Aiming to double the Group’s business (sales of ¥2 trillion, operating income ratio of 10% or higher) by 2030 by expanding contributions to resolving social issues through “business growth, reform and creation, centered on ESG management.”
*SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s ESG Management : With the goals of improving social sustainability while at the same time achieving profitable growth, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group engages in corporate activities aimed at resolving environmental and social issues based on a strategic view

Specific examples of reform and creation that SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is aming for we support into the foundation of LIFE and create "safety that continues int the future.

For comfortable mobility and communicationNext Generation Car Products

SEKISUI Concept Car

SEKISUI CHEMICAL proposes a varaiety of materials related with AD/ADAS, EV, Electoronics parts, Interior/Exterior design parts, forming the future of automobiles.

For Reliable, Safe, Comfortable LifestylesTown & Community Development

SEKISUI Safe & Sound Project ASAKA Leadtown (Image)

Bringing Together SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s Technologies

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group products help support safe and comfortable lifestyles not only in a visible manner (above ground), but in ways that are not always evident (below ground).

Above ground products

Below ground products

Seamlessly combining the collective strengths of our technologies and products, we are working to realize secure and safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable towns.

For Resilient Social InfrastructureIndependence from Fossil Fuels

As the ultimate in environment-friendly technologies for a resource recycling society, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has established innovative production technology for a biorefinery, a technology that converts garbage into ethanol, and is accelerating commercialization as the first step in changing social systems.

Working in collaboration with government and other companies, we seek to start test production in fiscal 2022 and launch full-scale production and business in fiscal 2025. In the future, we will seek to create the ultimate resource recycling system that does not rely on fossil fuels.

Bio-refinery (BR), the World’s First Technology to Convert Garbage into Ethanol

■Established alongside the garbage disposal facilities

■Used actual municipal waste

unsorted waste

  • General waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Combustible waste
The 1/1000th scale pilot plant


  • Quality: Met the necessary ethanol quality
  • Production efficiency: High efficiency achieved
  • Production stability: not affected by garbage type or fluctuation in volume
  • CO2 emissions: 135% reduction
    (Compared with conventional garbage incineration)

FY2022: The 1/10th scale verification plant (Iwate Prefecture) operations scheduled to commence

Vision of the future
-The Ultimate System for a Resource-recycling Society-