SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s Businesses

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group's Business Fields

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group develops its business activities in the two “Residential and Social Infrastructure Creation” and “Chemical Solutions” fields

* The main portion of the Life Science field previously included in the High Performance Plastics segment is now presented as the Medical Business segment in an effort to accelerate the pace its growth as a new divisional company candidate from fiscal 2019.


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Overview of Business

High Performance Plastics Company

Business Fields

We are developing our business on a global scale, focusing mainly on three strategic fields: Electronics, by which we are providing materials related to a variety of displays, electrical and communications equipment, substrates and semiconductors; Mobility, by which we provide materials related to automobiles, such as interlayer films for laminated glass, and components for aircraft; and Industrial, by which we provide products created from cutting-edge technologies, such as adhesives, packaging tapes, and plastic containers for use in daily life and throughout society.

Features/Business Strategies

We are developing a wide range of businesses with a focus on materials for the advanced fields in which our strengths lie, for example, our original fine particle, adhesion and precise molding technologies. Possessing multiple product lines with top global market shares (based on SEKISUI CHEMICAL estimates), such as conductive fine particles, liquid crystal sealants, interlayer films for automotive laminated glass, and polyolefin foam for automobile interiors, we are developing our business centered on high-value-added products.
While aiming to expand faster than the market growth rate, we are working to augment our operations by enhancing our existing core products, developing new products, and through M&A.

Examples of Solutions and Products Born from Core Technologies

Evolving the lives of people and resolving social issues through added-value creation based on 'innovation' in business, products, and technology.

Main Products

  • Conductive fine particles

  • Heat resistant Selfa (semiconductor processing material)

  • Double-sided LCD fixed placement tape used in smartphones and tablets

  • Interlayer film for automotive laminated glass

  • Wedge-shaped high performance interlayer films for head-up display (HUD) system use

  • Foaming material for automotive interiors

  • Moldings for automobile bumpers

  • Heat release grease for EV

  • Molding parts for aircrafts

  • Aviation sheets

  • Plastic sheet for medical equipment

  • High performance resin tatami mats (MIGUSA)

Housing Company

Business Fields

In Japan, the Group conducts business in four fields: its Housing Business, including newly built detached housing and apartment buildings under the “SEKISUI HEIM” brand; Stock Business, such as renovations, rental housing management and brokerage services centered on HEIM owners; Town and Community Development Business, which provides smart, resilient urban development; and Residential Service Business, such as services for the elderly. Overseas, the Group conducts detached housing business activities in Thailand.

Features/Business Strategies

The Housing Company is engaged in new housing construction activities as a specialist in the Unit Construction Method, an advanced factory-built approach that enables short construction periods and delivers functions in accordance with design plans. As of the end of fiscal 2022, the cumulative total of houses sold exceeded 600,000. Drawing on SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s prominence in infrastructure materials, the Housing Company is engaged in the nationwide development of smart and resilient cities in its Town and Community Development Business.

Examples of Solutions and Products Born from Core Technologies

Supporting people's peace of mind, safety, and comfort by providing high-performance residences and housing-related services

Main Products

  • In-house production in progress inside the Housing Unit factory

  • A housing unit being installed

  • The Smart Power station series is aimed at enabling energy self-sufficiency.

  • A large capacity solar power generation system

  • “e-Pocket” large capacity storage battery system that fits into smaller space

  • The Company’s Smart Heim Navi Consulting HEMS (Home energy management system)

  • Living room, dining room and kitchen renovation

  • Housing for the elderly for which the Sekisui Heim Group is responsible, from constructing to operating

  • Town and community development for disaster mitigation

  • The housing production factory in Thailand

Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products (UIEP) Company

Business Fields

Our core business is the manufacture and sale of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping materials, in which we boast the leading market share in Japan, and infrastructure-related materials. We are developing business on a global scale in three fields: the Pipe Systems field that provides pipes for the public and private sectors, high-performance piping materials for plants, and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resin compound; the Building and Infrastructures Composite Materials field, such as the fiber-reinforced foam urethane (FFU) synthetic wood used in the railway sleepers; Infrastructure Renovation field, such as infrastructure rehabilitation.

Features/Business Strategies

Based on the technological capabilities cultivated in our core business, we define as Prioritized Products those from which high-value-added market growth is expected or products that we expect will enable us to substitute conventional materials (metal, wood and glass) with plastic products and that we will then aggressively introduce into the market. Including those products that contribute to corrosion resistance and ease of construction, natural disaster countermeasures, and infrastructure reinforcement, Prioritized Products are contributing to the solving of social issues that are worsening and becoming more complex, such as the shortage of construction workers (avoidance of the 3Cs: closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings), the aging of infrastructure, and climate change.
Overseas, we are developing materials that include transportation infrastructure and pipeline renewal materials for Europe and the United States as well as pipe materials for Asia. At the same time, we are aiming to further expand and deepen our sales areas with a focus on high-value-added products.

Examples of Solutions and Products Born from Core Technologies

Solving infrastructure issues and supporting social infrastructure through a wide range of advanced materials

Main Products

  • Residential water supply and drainage system

  • Fire-resistant drainage system

  • High-performance seismic polyethylene pipes

  • Plant products with high corrosion and chemical resistance (Industrial piping materials)

  • Sewage (Spirally) pipe renewal (SPR) Method

  • High flowrate drainage system

  • Large bathrooms for nursing care facilities (Wells)

  • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resin compound

  • Thermal expansion fire-resistant materials

  • SEW (FFU* Synthetic Wood for Shield Work)

  • Synthetic railway sleepers (FFU*)

  • Non-flammable urethane

* FFU: Exhibiting a natural wood-like appearance, FFU is a glass fiber-reinforced foamed polyurethane material.

Medical Business

Leveraging advanced technology, we create high quality products, to contribute to full and healthy lives.

Business Fields

Developing business on a global scale, our activities comprise two businesses: the Diagnostics Business, for which we undertake the development, production, and sale of clinical reagents with a focus on the areas of blood coagulation, lifestyle-related diseases, and infectious diseases,  vacuum blood collection tubes, and various kinds of analysis equipment and the Pharmaceutical Sciences Business, which consists of pharmaceutical business that undertakes the contract manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates, and amino acids for pharmaceutical use as well as drug development solutions business that assists pharmaceutical companies’ R&D.

Features/Business Strategies

Established in 2008 through the merging together of our Medical Business division and Daiichi Pure Chemicals Co., Ltd., Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. provides a variety of products and services for the front lines of medicine with a focus on its main product, test reagents. In recent years, there have been drastic changes in the environment surrounding the area of global medicine, and the needs of society and of customers have grown more diverse. Through enhanced development and new products and the broadening of alliances, we will work to expand our business by providing high-quality,

Main Products

  • Diagnostics Business

    Clinical reagents for biochemical immunity, diabetes, blood coagulation, and infectious diseases, as well as development, manufacture, and sale of analyzers and vacuum blood collection tubes, among others

    (Blood Coagulation)

    Nanopia P-FDP
    (Blood Coagulation)

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences Business

    Pharmaceutical and fine chemicals business:

    Contract manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)/intermediates/amino acids, etc.

    Drug development solutions business:

    Contract research including pharmacokinetic tests to support drug R&D

    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

    Drug development solution testing