A house where you can live
a life close to normal
even during power outages

Japan is a disaster-prone country.

It is not uncommon for earthquakes, typhoons, and landslides
caused by heavy rains to hit the infrastructure frequently during the
year, damaging it.

In particular, electric power with utility poles and electric wires
exposed above ground is the most susceptible, and the frequency of
power outages has increased.

In light of these circumstances, SEKISUI HEIM's
energy self-sufficient housing* was developed
to dispel concerns about electricity.
  • *Not all electricity can be supplied. Some electricity needs to be purchased from
    power companies.
Lifestyle centered around solar power
Living using power stored
in storage batteries and EV during the day

Based on the high skeleton performance that SEKISUI HEIM has
cultivated for around 50 years, we combined our expertise in houses
equipped with solar power generation systems that we launched in
1997 ahead of other companies, HEMS (Home Energy Management
System), stationary storage batteries, and electric vehicles, and
succeeded in creating a home that aims to be self-sufficient in

As the flagship of housing for disaster
mitigation in Japan, we support the
safety and reliability of residents.